The Shed

The Doghouse (err..Shed)

A dry run for house construction or just a way to pour money into the pit known as a rural residential block? The shed turned out pretty well, 15m x 6m it’s a pretty big effort by suburban standards (that’s 5 cars wide, one car deep) but we’ve since decided that it just isn’t big enough to hold all our crap.

Time Lapse prohtography, from the very beginning to the finished product. It took them about a week from nothing to this, which is pretty impressive I suppose considering the amount of work actually involved in digging out the site, laying a slab and erecting the shed.

This will make a good place for hosting LAN’s in the future, it had no power at the moment but once the house goes up we’ll get power connected and insulation put in so you’ll be able to almost live out there.