10 February 2001

Pictures taken some time in November

This update seems to feature the most prominent feature at this stage, the Driveway from HELL!

Click on the thumbnails to view larger version of the images, I’ve toned down the images that you click on, the thumbnails are now smaller and the end result is also smaller, saving space on poor old geocities, i nearly reached my limit in the last update)

This series shows the driveway from multiple angles, I’d insert something witty about driveways and angles here but I really don’t think there’s anything you can say about driveways that could even be remotely construed as witty. So just look at the pictures and shaddup!

Stay tuned for the next update which shows the driveway paved, you see, paved driveways are a good deal more witty than dirt driveways, so that update is bound to be full of all kinds of halarious captions.

This shot, taken from the front right of the block shows a partially completed fence, notice my artistic use of the out of focus post in the foreground and the dirt.
Taken with ass-cam, this shows the road, and some dirt….and a drain of some kind, drains are funny, laugh ha ha ha.
Damn, I mean DAM..not ours unfortunately, they cost extra, we’re too poor to afford water, we have to drink dirt (lucky there’s a lot of it around)
I have absolutely no idea where this is……
There’s some trees too, we could afford trees, since they’re cheap, but not water..trees and dirt, luckily they like each other.
How did that get there? It’s neither driveway, dirt or water, we simply can’t afford it, send it back, luckily, we kept the box!