October 2001

October 2001, Cold, Wet, Rocky (not the boxer)

Most of October (and previous months) was spent prying enormous rocks out of the ground and moving them somewhere else…why you ask? Who knows, we’re nuts! (actually, there was a reason, but the real reason is nuts too so why add to the insanity!)

These first 2 shots are actually from back in September, the block is looking brown and ugly, it can only get better from here.

Into October, we had some pretty extreme weather conditions, from heavy rain to fire and brimstone (even toads fell from the sky!) and everything else in between. The photo’s show some of the hail/snow (you’ll have to take my word for the fire, brimstone and toads).

Inside the shed the workbench takes shape, workbench is actually derived from the latin word Workobenchalis which literally means “place to store all sorts of crap that you can’t think of somewhere else to put”

You can’t really tell from the photo since the shutterspeed on the camera was set so fast (thus, no motion  blur), but Dave was doing some serious circle work here, he says he hit about 80km/h up the top of the hill, but who knows, it looked more like 120.

Did I mention rocks? The pile at the top looks pretty small, but look for the dwarfed Pepsi (product placement! I’m expecting my cheque in the mail) bottle at the base to provide some perspective. Before we were done, the top pile was about twice the size you see here.

Just a long distance shot, taken from the latest stage of the estate, about as close as we can get to a full block shot.

Firgured it was a good idea to take some shots before summer settled in and everything went brown again, these shots where all taken just after the first full slash, all the grass is nicely cut down. The Lot 82 Country Club and Golf Course is now officially open. It was at this point that we finally figured all the hard work was worth something (until 6 weeks later when the grass grew back and I had to slash it all again!).