November 2001

November 2001, the month the earth moved

Finally, some movement at the (Royalla) station, most significant this month is the actual beginning of the building platform being prepared for the foundations to be laid.

The major event of the month was of course the digging of the building platform, the D8 (a giant behemoth of a tractor) came in and made short work of the boulders and dirt. The slope to the rear of the house platform is A LOT higher than we had originally thought it would be (see below), but then again, slopes and hills are what makes landscaping fun! (and expensive) 🙁

See the Panorama and December sections for actual shots of the earth moving.

We also moved a bunch more rocks into their final resting place…see below….

This is about the best shot we have of a house we found upon which we are going to base our colour scheme, ok, ok, we stole their ideas, pretty much entirely. It’s not a very good picture, but the roof is Slate Grey Colorbond, the walls are called “Balsawood” and the Commodore is “Pearl White” umm, Commodore?

Evidence at last that this whole ‘building a house thing’ is not just a figment of Kristie’s twisted imagination. The builders sign at the front pretty much means it’s all about to start happening. If you’re sharp you can just see the back end of the D8 tractor making an awful mess of the block where the house is going to be (more shots of it in December.

To prove that we didn’t move 3 tonnes of bush rocks for no apparent reason, we actually used most of them to build little gardens around some of the trees, and in front of the shed. Our little picnic area also got a significant face lift and a new fireplace, we have more plans for this area when funss ($$$) and time allows.

We hired a bobcat for a day to come and clean up the firebreaks we’d made for the burn offs and to expand the cut behind the shed a little. He did as good a job as a bobcat could do when faced with solid rock the size of a car!

So we got the D8 driver to rip up the larger rocks, more work for us in cleaning this mess up, oh joy! How I love to pick up rocks heavier than me and move them around!

This behemoth turned our peacefull fields into a giant pit of dirt and dust, it’s ok though, we wanted him to! Play “Spot the dog” game and win a prize.

istie says ”
;umm, get me a ladder, this rock is bigger than it looks”…about half way through digging the area up, this was one of the smaller rocks that the D8 unearthed.

The top picture is of the pit for the water tank and septic system to live in. The bottom is the house platform, as mentioned, it’s a bit higher than we had thought, but since there are no real view windows in that corner or looking up to the rock wall, it’s no big deal and will also offer some sound and shade protection for that corner of the house.