December 2001

December 2001, some rocks, some dirt, some bricks.

The original plan was to have the house to ground level (up the
the concrete slab) by Christmas so the slab could cure while everyone
was on holidays, as it happened, this didn’t. So we are up to brick
foundations level, as can be seen below.




Nothing at all to do with building, this is
just a picture of the second round of slashing I did with the tractor and
slasher. About 6 weeks after the first, it’s looking pretty good, shame
it takes 6 hours to slash 5



In the continuing series of “people near dirt” photos,
this one shows a person, near dirt. Actually, it’s Kristie showing
how big the fill at the front of the house platform is, again, a bit
higher than we originally planned, but there was nowhere on the
block with a completely flat area so we had to expect some digging
and several years of landscaping work ahead of


This is a picture of rocks, it was supposed to convey the
huge size of the boulders pulled out of the site, but instead it
looks like a nice place to sit in the shade and read a book. Shame


Just a comparison, and showing 3 generations of earth
moving, farm machinery. Here we see the modern D8 Tractor,
massive earthmover, the Ferguson TEA20, antique rust pile and Drew,
a dog, not really farm machinery in the Oxford definition of the
word, but close enough.


Another picture that really doesn’t do the source
material justice, this shows the building area taken from the front
of the shed…unfortunately it doesn’t really convey the slope or
size…I suck at photography.


The foundations at last, if there was any doubt that a
house was going to appear here, it is now gone. From the lime
outline, to the concrete footings. The most outstanding thought we
had at this stage was “damn, it’s small” but we spoke to the builder
and everybody says that after just looking at the foundations,
apparently, and we’re paying him lots of money to build the house so
he must be telling the truth.


On top of the concrete foundations go the brick footings.
Look closely at the inside rows of bricks and you’ll see they they
are about as straight as the Sydney Mardi Gras…luckily, nobody
will ever see the inside bricks since they’ll soon be buried in
concrete. The outside rows are pretty straight, but again, they’ll
be covered when the bagging goes on.

What’s next?


The next stage will be the drainage and plumbing that needs to go in before the
slab is poured, should be the first of second week of January. Then
the slab will be poured and left to cure for
a while, then the missile silo and bomb shelter, aircraft hangar and
Colossus of Rhodes feature (over the driveway) should all go
in shortly after. Stay tuned for updates.