January 2002

January, from 0 to 100 in a week!

After a slow start the house finally got going, the external piping was done, internal walls went up, roof was started, some of the windows went in, it’s almost a house, if you didn’t mind the odd breeze blowing through your brickless, windowless bedroom (some people go for that sort of thing!). The fires on the coast even made an impact on the scenery, see below.

In fine tradition of “someone hates us”, as soon as the slab went down, the rain began, it stopped just long enough for the frame to go up, then started again…Feb was much worse, but that’s an entirely different update (see, now you HAVE to come back!)

We had MW offer to “lay some pipe” (see the comments section), we’re not entirely sure what that means, but he’s not a qualified plumber so we had to turn him down. The real plumber did show up, with a buncha pipe, we asked him if he was going to lay some pipe and he looked at us funny. Go figure.

Yes it’s true, we spent an entire day out at the block without picking up a single rock, or pulling out a weed.

The advantage of the whole site being a mess is that we have a chance to stop and smell the roses, if we had roses. As it happens, all we really have is a whole lot of horse shit, it smells nothing like roses, but the prevailing winds make sure we get the full effect.

We named this little guy “future roadkill”, I think he liked it because he ran away and rolled up into a ball, that’s how Echidna’s show affection, really!

I just love the smell of burning bush in the morning, hey wait, that came out the wrong way…ummm…the fires on the coast (about 300km away) brought this foggy haze to us for a few days, I felt like I was playing a game of Turok on the N64 (sorry, gaming in-joke there, if you don’t understand it, imagine 100 dinosaurs charging at you over this landscape..still doesn’t help? oh well)

They told us they were pouring the slab, all I could think was “what a waste of beer, I hope it’s only VB”…apparently, I misunderstood, something to do with concrete. As previously mentioned our lives of sin have finally caught up with us, and the weather (and whatever holy entity controls it) has turned against us.

Lots of big trucks delivered lots of big things, wooden wall frames, roof trusses, windows, funny silver boxes (we think this one fell out of an airplane flying overhead, but we’re not sure). Shortly after, a small army of gnomes and gremlins with hammers arrived and attached it all to the slab.

The windows went in, roof was started, holes appeared in extremely strange places (they all have a function, we’re sure of it)..did you hear the one about a horse that walked into a bar and ordered a drink?

This is what we now refer to as the “poop to water” machine. We’ve had some confusion as to its’ true purpose, but just take our word for it, you put poop and other various refuse in one end, and out the other end comes water..it’s good enough to drink if you’re really keen, and it looks like normal water..but who’s going to?! (be careful not to insult the chef when you visit, if you do, don’t drink the water!)