21 September 2001

September Update – Spring has Sprung!

Some random pictures taken during September, we’ve been busy clearing rocks, slashing the grass, moving logs, burning the remaining rotting wood and generally cleaning up the place.

The last of our “big” fires, this was to burn off the remains of the ugly briars (they STILL refused to completely burn, little bastards) and just some other junk wood around the place. Boring or artistic, you be the judge (because I don’t care!)

Our first natice visitor to the shed, I had a closer zoomed in picture but it didn’t turn out very well due to umm, technical issues!

These shots show the tractor after I finished slashing about 1/3 of the block, it actually stayed together and ran pretty well, I blame the rust and dirt. This also shows how green the grass is getting (and how fast it’s going to grow! ack!)

After slashing the whole grassed area looked a whole bunch better, there’s still a lot of debris around from when we did the cutting with the brushcutters but that will be slashed up after a few times and the grass will be all green and stuff.

Close up of the shed. And Wendy and Neil take a tractor ride, who’s that grinning fool at the wheel? Jump guys jump!! Before it’s too late!!!