21 October 2000

Pictures taken 21 October 2000

Shown here are multiple photo’s taken of Lot 82 Royalla Estate. I tried to get an overall picture of the block from multiple places, using multiple angles,a and since it was all taken with a digital camera, it didn’t cost anything to develop, so there’s lots.

Click on the thumbnails to view larger version of the images, but beware, they’re a bit large (1024×768 – up to 300k each)
Note : I’ve deleted the lager images, so all the links from this page will be broken..and I’m too lazy to fix them

Taken from around the very middle of the land, looking forward towards the hills in front of the land. The road cannot be seen from this far up the block (which is a good thing)

This shady spot is right near the front of the block, Kristie wants to remove the fallen tree (in case it contains snakes and other nasties) but I think it makes a nice feature.

The driveway, quite an imposing site..ours is the only driveway on the estate that had to have major earth surgery done, mostly due to the large slope at the front of the block.

The driveway again, this time taken from the road, ignore the erosion, there was a lot of rain and the drainage hasn’t been put in yet.

Driveway again, taken from about half way down (it’s about 30 meters long at the moment).

A Random fallen tree, this one has 6 species of deadly snakes living within it (or so Kristie would believe, which is why most of the hollow logs have to go!).

Bit of a panorama shot, I could spent some time to match this up but you’ll just have to use your imagination at the moment., this is the view taken from the road at the very front of the block.

Same again, kinda…the view from the road, to the left of the block.

It’s a road. Really!


More pictures of the road, and the view in front of the land, and some more dirt, there’s lots of dirt around, in fact, I have no idea where all this damn dirt came from.


More pictures of scenery, this stuff isn’t likely to change a lot, we’re hoping nobody builds a giant shopping complex, or gold plated mansion in front of us, that would pretty much suck.


This scenery has some trees in it, apart from a lot of dirt, there also seem to be a lot of trees around..like hundreds of them…quite caught me by surprise really, wasn’t expecting so many trees out in the bush. Really.



Not sure where this dog came from, I think it’s a native. Woof!



Did I mention dirt? Here’s some more, in case you missed it the first time..rocks too, lots of them around, almost as many rocks as trees, big ones, the size of a car size meteor..imagine a rock hitting the earth at 75 billion km/h, woops, wrong movie.


Nobody takes pictures of grass and trees like me, it’s quite a talent.


On the left you can see what can only be discribed as water. And some more dirt.

Click on the image above to view a panoramic movie of the front of the block, it has THX sounds, so turn it up!! 🙂