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4 (or so) Celebrity Twitters Worth Following


Celebrities are inherently more interesting than regular people because they’re celebrities but I wouldn’t follow just anyway and any I do start following who ends up being a boring twit (pun intended) I’ll stop following, quick smart (I’m looking at you Ashton Kutcher, even if you do have 1.6 million followers you’re still a boring dick, quantity <> quality)

However, there are a few standouts (in no particular order):

Courtney Love (courtneylover79)

Her tweets make absolutely no sense at all, she’s probably drunk/stoned/stupid or maybe her keyboard is broken? Even when she’s mildly coherent her babbling still doesn’t make any sense to a sane person.

Who couldn’t be interested in someone who tells the world:

watching diablo on the vuew on you tube and shld be sleeping i l;opve pam! where do people getthis shit? edera we m,ust discuss the next on

e with silver! ;pts and ;lots of ei;ver o ;ovethe onme you macdefor me so much i could CRY amd shri,ptom whats up i wnt my Upcycle!

Indeed, you want your Upcycle, don’t we all?

Brent Spiner (BrentSpiner)

Best known as Data from Star Trek his tweets aren’t your traditional fair, he’s using twitter as a way to tell a story where he seems to be weaving his real life in with a fictional (?) one, 140 characters at a time.

He’s on a commercial break at the moment but promises to return with a new story.

The Stand (various, see below)

Swine Flu turned out to be a storm in a taco shell but a creative bunch of people have assumed the identities of the major characters from Stephen King’s The Stand and are playing out the entire story via twitter, M O O N, that spells awesome.

David Hewlett (dhewlett)

The quirky egotistical doctor from Stargate:Atlantis and slightly weird movie “A Dog’s Breakfast” tweets are about as interesting as mine, which makes him OK in my book.

Some other random ones:

Kevin Smith, Jason Mews, Diablo Cody, William Shatner, Levar Burton, Rob Dyrdek, Gerard Way, Pete Wentz, Dave Hughes…and all my actual friends (not listed).

I also found a Cracked post on 10 Celebrity Twitters Worth Following, I only had one so far (feliciaday), oh, make that two (hodgman) but just added Neil Gaiman.