Freakin’ cool thing of the week

Stumbled upon this in my travels, it’s a mapping of every commercial flight over the entire world in a 24 hours period, represented in 72 seconds, uh-mazing!

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In other news RIP my Logitech Cordless MX-3100 Keyboard, best keyboard I have ever used and it’s dead, Jim. The good news is, it’s still under warranty. The bad news is that the retailer I bought it from is no longer trading and Logitech doesn’t have a local warranty center, and on top of that they no longer make the MX-3100 and their new models all look ugly and crap, so, I dunno.

Logitech MX3100

Forester vs Skid Pan

Kristie’s Christmas present last year was a Skid Pan session at Fairburn, because I thought it would be a good idea for her to get familiar with the new car in a safe environment with a trained instructor….err..who am I kidding, what could be more fun that hooning around in a 4WD Turbo on a watered flat slick surface with very little chance of hitting anything.


So we finally got around to booking in for the course, and Kristie spend four hours on the skid pan (shared with 5-6 other cars, two at a time) alternating between instructor led hooning and solo hooning. The end result was an increased appreciation of how ABS works, how hard it is to 4 wheel drift an All Wheel Drive vehicle and four layers of the most horrible baked on dirt which took an hour to wash off.

A good day!

(I’ll post more pic once I’ve had a chance to go through them all)