SA: Face down in the dirt.

I don’t often (well ever) repost stuff from the Somethingawful forums but this one I found particularly original and hilarious.

The original poster (the first picture below) made the thread subject “Post a picture of you face down on your fucking floor“, and people did…fascinating.

This is only a small sample of what was posted:

Free Image Hosting at

EDIT: Also, Chris Penn (played Nice Guy Eddie in Reservoir Dogs among other things) is dead.

Spammer begone!

Well, it looks like the password I added to the comments page has had two effects 1) The spammer can no longer spam, 2) nobody else can leave a comment (or don’t want to, or are too lazy..or maybe i’m only just noticing that nobody ever left one anyway) and 3) the spammer is now just sitting on the comments submit page and refreshing it every 30 seconds (evident by the 5000 hits the page has had over the last few days). That’s three effects, I know.

It’s obvious the spammer hasn’t realised his bot is not longer actually submitting anything, so I’ll probably have to rename the damn page to stop it..the 404’s he gets may stop him trying, probably not.

In other news, I’ve started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation from the first ep (which is approaching 20 years old now, ugh, way to make yourself feel old) and I’m amazed how much I remember of the stories. I can’t remember where I left my keys or what I had for breakfast but I can remember the “We are more alike than unalike my dear Captain… If you prick me do I not … leak?” line by Data, wierd.

New Comments page

As you may have noticed the site got hit pretty heavily by some moron spambot which submitted over 1000 comments in about a week. I have now deleted all the worthless spam from the comments section and taken another step to prevent it happening again.

I have added a password field to the comments page now so if you want to leave a comment you will need to know the password. Email (or msn or icq or phone or whatever) me for it, k!

Over the next couple of days I’ll be implementing a nicer solution (thanks to Jeremy!) by sending all comments though junkeater which seems to work pretty well and doesn’t require the commenter to know a password (which means random people who actually visit the site will be able to comment too).

Also, here’s a gimmick:

Scratch2k's Weekly Artists Chart

..showing what I’m listening to this week from actual stats gathered from foobar2000, click on it for my full profile (I think this weeks one is broken, it refreshes every Monday)

The million dollar homepage (not this one)

From The Register back in September 2005.

“Enterprising UK student Alex Tew has sold enough pixels to fund his way through university. Tew, 21, decided to flog pixels for a buck on his Million Dollar Homepage as part of a cunning scheme to raise cash.

He may not have made his million, but in the few weeks since he launched the site he’s flogged some 60,000 pixels – generating around £32,000. Those snapping up his pixels have included poker sites, loan companies and some small businesses.
Click Here

Even after tax and other overheads he’s easily got enough dough to make it through uni. He told The Reg: “I’m blown away by it really. It’ll pay for three years at uni and I’ll have some left over.”

Tew leaves for university at the weekend but will continue to run his site in between studies. ®”

And since September he has sold almost the whole million pixels, with only 1000 left which he is selling on ebay (current bid US$160,000)..just another one of those “damn, I wish I’d thought of that” things…

Also, 200+ more spam comments on the comments page now..looks like I’m going to have to do something a little more drastic (well, more drastic than posting “hey, please stop”). Drastic will probably involve some kind of password to make a comment (this is the easiest to implement and I’m lazy) so if you go to make a comment in the next few days (ha! optimism) and can’t, email me for the password).

Ninja Edit: Even if you don’t listen to Fall Out Boy, you’ll probably still find this video filled with hilarity! and another one

Hore House Ninja

OK, so the continued spamming of the comments section was amusing for about 5 seconds, now it’s just annoying and I wish it would stop. If it’s a human doing this (and I highly doubt it) and you’re reading this then you’re not going to be getting any hits via this site, only friends and family actually read it and none of them are going to be interested in your stupid casino advisory service, or whatever the hell is it you are trying to advertise.

If it doesn’t stop I’ll be forced to actually do some more coding to make it stop, which will probably involve some kind of approval process for comments and I hate having to do work so just be nice and stop.;

Secondly, to all the idiots looks for hot hot ninja pr0n on this site by using the search terms “Hore House Ninja” (yes, so say my log files these are the top 3 search terms) you’ll find none of that here either so just give up.

I robbed Jean Luc Picard and I like it.

Find the month of your birthday:

January: I partied with

February: I had babies with

March: I stabbed and killed

April: I messed around with

May: I cast fire on

June: I robbed

July: I ate

August: I got married to

September: I beat up

October: I dressed up as

November: I made drunken love with

December: I licked

Find the day of your birthday:

1: Agg

2: Tone Loc

3: Eminem

4: Angelina Jolie

5: Chuck Norris

6: Vin Diesel

7: John Luc Picard

8: Bender

9: Homer

10: Watermelon Guy

11: Brazilian Jailbait

12: Paris Hilton

13: Emma watson

14: Leon

15: Mr T

16: Santa

17: An Ewok

18: Alf

19: God

20: Arnold

21: Kelly Brook

22: Mandy Moore

23: Madonna

24: Hillary Duff

25: Kirsten Dunst

26: Tina Turner

27: Zack Morris

28: Link

29: Nicole Kidman

30: Beyonce

31: the mole people

Find the FIRST letter of your FIRST name:

A: To save the future.

B: Because i hate cheese.

C: and I like it.

D: for a cookie.

E: because I felt like it.

F: to get naked pics of your mum.

G: Because it lead to World destruction.

H: and I had twins.

I: because I wanna kill you.

J: and I liked it.

K: and I had oh so much fun.

L: to be naked.

M: and something shrank.

N: Because she has purple hair.

O: for the money.

P: and it sucked.

Q: Because I love em.

R: At KFC.

S: Because someone came from the future.

T: for my girlfriend.

U: Because I was under the dark god’s control.

V: naked.

W: Because I thought it was for a cheat code.

X: because I lost my mind.

Y: For no reason.

Z: Because I don’t like it.


  • Kristie – I licked Eminem and I had oh so much fun.
  • Drew – I partied with Paris Hilton for a cookie
  • Alex – I dressed up as Watermelon Guy to save the future

I think Drew got ripped off. I wouldn’t pay a cookie to hit Paris Hilton with a shovel..oh wait a minute.