Seven Samurai

So I finally got around to watching Seven Samurai over the last couple of days, it’s over 200 minutes long so it takes a couple of installments to watch. Now that I know what all the fuss is about (it really is as brillant as people say) I’ll have to rewatch The Magnificent Seven with a different perspective.

In other news, Kristie and I are still undecided on what surname to give “it” (we’ll know the gender in about 9 weeks). I can understand her reluctance to call “it” a Hore and I tend to agree. Several ideas have been thrown around from the traditional double barrelled name (Hore-Ryan or Ryan-Hore) to a not-so-easily-teasable modification like Horewell (which my cousin Wayne change his surname to when he joined the police force, W.Hore doesn’t look so good on a name tag). We’re also thinking about giving “it” a name from our family history or just inventing a completely new name. We’ll see.

Cav also gave us some sage (but unrelated) advice yesterday with:

Just make sure Kristie knows where she stands on the two big issues and can defend her stance to the death, as she will be accosted by militant women (guys don’t care) from either side. Those issues are breast vs bottle and cloth vs disposable.

For the record, Disposable Breasts sound like a great idea! (much more practical than Cloth Bottles anyway).

Just to bring the tone down a touch, Wil Wheaton (who you will remember from Stand By Me and Star Trek writes a very popular blog (you can also see his book linked over on the right side) and has just posted a moving account of the illness (and eventual death) of one of his pet cats, it will bring a tear to the eye of any dog/cat owner.

On this day …

On this day many years ago you may have been surprised by the news that we were married (and didn’t tell you – surprise!).









As you know in our family we already have…

8 year old Drew,

4 year old Dante,

and 3 year old Heath.

Meet the latest addition to the family…

8 weeks,

10 weeks and 5 days,

12 weeks and 3 days (estimated time of arrival: 5 October 2005).

Hello World!

Don’t worry, this is the last big surprise for a while.

It’s likely to be another 9 years before we recover.

Happy Anniversary to us!

100,000,000 fans can’t be wrong

So there’s this new box set (OK, it’s been out for months) out from Bon Jovi called “100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong“. When I heard about it I thought it would be a great chance to get hold of all their greatest hits from the various albums I haven’t had a chance to replace from when I owned them on LP.

I was initially a little disapointed that it wasn’t actually a “Greatest Hits” collection but more of a “B-Sides and Rarities” in fact, the box set includes not only 4 CD’s of previously unreleased material but a DVD with some extra stuff on it.

Bon Jovi are notorious for preparing dozens of songs for an album and scrapping most of them, this is the collecton of those scrapped songs that never saw the light of day. This is not to say that they are/were not good enough for an album release (rumour has it that Jon Bon Jovi was not going to release ‘Livin on a Prayer’ at all) and in fact the standard of songs in this set is amazing, something any fan should and must own.

While I’m on a musical topic, Billy Idol has a new album out called “Devil’s Playground” and i’ve been giving that a good listen too, it’s also great! (I think that Top 1000 songs from the 80’s collection has put my brain in a time warp)

How to destroy the world

My RSS aggregator (Sharpreader) delivered this gem to me this morning, How to destroy the world. It’s an interesting read if you’re planning to end existence with the aid of tiny replicating machines or hurling the earth into the sun, or something like that.

I have nothing constructive to say at all.

OK, here’s something, Dan just posted another comment about the Guitar Wolf gig, I can’t wait until they come to Canberra (we can hope). LOCK AND LOLL!!

I was just looking through the stats for this page, and apart from the unholy trinity of “hore fuck me” being the top 3 search words (for the 18th month in a row) the stats showing a browsers operating system showed the Amiga with one hit…one hit from someone using an Amiga!

I suspect a time traveller from the year 1984 so asking them to post a commment is pointless since they have either returned to their own time or no longer have use of my website to repair our broken timeline and save the earth from alien invasion, thanks either way mystery time traveller!

For anyone interesting, the word that’s lowest on the search word report for hits to this site is “empire”, “Royalla” is surprisingly low on the list too. This news post where I listed the specs of the new DVD player I purchased back in September is the most popular news post (174 hits),and the second most hit news post is about the projector…maybe I should start writing for a DVD review site, oh wait a minute!

The Wolf!

Dan has left a comment about his recent attendance at a Guitar Wolf gig in Toronto, lock and loll indeed!


I don’t feel bad for never seeing the Sex Pistols anymore, I have seen the Wolf!

Some comments on the Guitar Wolf show while it’s still fresh:

Leather and Sunglasses! Solid!
Jumping from the speaker stacks, stage diving, playing to the assembled masses
Zero between-song banter…there was no “between-song”!!

Did I mention they were loud?

45 minutes into the show, I still had no idea if they were singing in Japanese or English, and then finally I understood two words….”Baby Massacre”

Summertime Blues never sounded so bad, or so loud.

Have I mentioned how loud they were? I can’t even hear myself type.

Lock and Loll! Toronto! You da sh*t!!

Good times, man, Good times.

I leave you with these words from my friend at about the hour mark…”The madness never ends!”

Chris, you should’ve bought the plane ticket.


Me too Dan, me too. I want to hear Summertime Blues live…in the original Japanese (from the recording I can’t actually tell if it’s in Japanese or English)!

I ended up getting Guitar Wolf’s last studio album Jet Generation and it certainly is……loud!

Virgin Galactic

No, it’s not the name of a new porno staring Peter North (that should get me some google hits, if nothing else)..after browsing the Virgin site to book some flights I found this:

Virgin Galactic

I knew about the SpaceShipOne project but had no idea that Virgin had licensed the technology with the intent to turn it into a commercially viable space tourism project. That crazy (sir) Richard Branson!

They cleverly avoid the question of cost on the webpage but considering that the preparation for the flight could involve 5-6 days of medical assessments and training, it’s not likely to be $49.95.

Even though it’s unlikely I (or anyone reading this) will be among the first to be able to book a ticket on these flights it’s still exciting..maybe one day booking a flight into the upper atmosphere will be as easy (and cheap) as flying to Sydney or Melbourne