7 Degrees of somethingorother

Shamelessly stolen from Jeremy’s website (I’m not sure why I’m bothering because I’m pretty sure he’s the only one that actually reads this – hi J)..but I had a look at this and it was an interesting distraction for a few minutes.

Music Plasma allows you to enter a band name and it will show you a crazy little map of all the influences for that band, it’s really just a fancy way to show you the standard “if you like XX then you will like YY” that Amazon specialises in but it’s pretty cool anyway.

Also, if you couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a minimac then this may just be for you too. The ultimate in nerd furniture, check out the Bluebroc.

Star Trek is for nerds! (or geeks)

I bought Wil Wheaton’s book Dancing Barefoot after following his blog (WWDN) for years and it was a short but interesting read. You will remember Wil as the weedy kid in Stand By Me and as Wesly Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Wil recently finished writing a new book called Just a Geek which I’m yet to read (it’s in the queue after Bruce Campbell’s If Chins Could Kill: Cconfessions of a B-Grade Actor and Matthew Reiley’s new one Scarecrow – so I’ll probably get to it in about 2010).

Anyway, there’s a review of the book here on a page that was linked from WWDN and it looks like an interesting website, so I’ve made it link of the day (or indeterminate time period between updates)

iPod Shuffle redux

It seems like the iPod Shuffle is causing quite a stir among geeks and nerds and joggers worldwide. There are lots of blogs and news sites covering it and the impact it will have on portable music for all those people too poor to buy a proper iPod (like me!).

This article has a good analysis of the packaging, the shuffle and how it will impact the nerdy nerd world.

Search word report

I love checking the search word report in the stats for this page, it’s always worth a laugh at what people type into search engines to (mostly) accidentally stumble onto the site, he’s a quick sample of the top 3:

1. hore 778
2. fuck 694
3. me 690

Crazy eh, HORE FUCK ME…what’s wrong with you people, at least learn how to spell!


2 Days after we finally make a decision to buy a MP3 player from ebay (just a cheapo chinese version, 256mb, screen, FM radio, rechargable etc etc) for $100, Apple release the iPod Shuffle, 512mb, no screen but only $50 more than yumcha knock-off version, bastards.

and (copied from the AOB ozforums forums);

Was watching SBS last night and watched some random japanese film called “WILD ZERO!”

Basically its about a rockstar called Guitar Wolf and his mate “Ace” who get caught up in some wierdo apocalyptic kind of theme with UFOs and Zombies… and even a tranny.

Anyway, if you can find the film “Wild Zero” its definately worth a laugh. Furthermore I found out that Guitar wolf is actually a Japanese rock group. I gotta find me some of their random Jap rock.


There is an interview of the members of guitar wolf on the website, heres a snipper:

P: So, do you do the mixing, as well?
S: No, engineer. The first time it was a little bit hard for me to explain our sound to engineer. I said, “Engineer, don’t move needle. Just red zone.” But a professional engineer can not do at first, but after that’s no problem.
P: So after awhile they say, “OK, just red!”
S: Yeah, just red!
P: Your sound, live and in the studio, seems to be getting noisier.
S: Ah, yeah, recording is like live show. Not separate. Same. Same time vocals, guitar, bass, drums, yeah, and with drink alcohol.
P: Even the live show seems to be getting noisier. Like maybe there is a longer period in between songs…
S: Oh really? But maybe from long time ago. I always, I like, I need noise. Because we are no skill. Our skill is no good. No technique. We need…Basic rock and roll is: Number one is looks; Number two is guts, tension; Number three is action; Maybe four, five nothing; Six is skill, technique.

Good find BOK, I will need to find one of their CD’s and track down this movie too, sound awesome! (sort of)

Some more reviews (again)

So I’ve managed to squeeze out a few new reviews for various movies ranging in quality from utterly shitful to pretty damn good:

Eurotrip – Uncut
“A perfect popcorn and friends movie with an excellent DVD presentation.”

Muriel’s Wedding – 10th Anniversary Special Edition
“Any fan of the movie will be happy with their purchase of this 10th anniversary edition.”

“The purrrrfect example of what the DVD format is capable of giving us.”

Short Circuit
“Number 5 is alive!”

Thunderbirds (2004)
“It’s Spy Kids with more rocket ships.”

The West Wing – Season 4
“Overall, despite the lack of extras Season 4 offers good value and excellent quality in both video and audio departments.”

The West Wing – Season 3
“Non anamorphic widescreen, is there such a beast? There is in this box set, and no extras to boot? What’s going on here?”

Garfield – The Movie
Garfield: The Movie succeeds as a kids movies as well as it would have if aimed at an older audience.”

The Hitcher
The Hitcher is a violent and at times gripping thriller.”

I’ll Be There
“I’m glad I eventually ran out of other movies to review and had to put I’ll Be There into the DVD player.”

iDidn’t do it

We nearly bought an iPod the other day, but didn’t. The end.

I didn’t understand this shirt until I saw it in context:

(Bah, how dare they block my image leeching – link here)

Is it too soon to start my Christmas list for this year?

Also, the new Microsoft Messenger 7.0 Beta client is out. It has some nice features like hand written messages (mostly used for rude pictures of course) and a nudge feature which is bound to be voted the most annoying software feature of 2005, download it here