Merry Christmas!

Since this is probably going to be the most popular day of the year for this website you get two updates in one! (see below for the big deck and garden update)

Drew loves his presents, I think he has just as much fun opening them as trying to rip their heads off once they’re opened.

Huzaaa, We’re done!

If you have been wondering what’s up with the website since there have been no updates for many moons, well, here’s the


From this:

To this

And this:

To this:

And this:

To this

And this:

(maybe not)

There were of course, some casualties:

I broke Kristies hammer so we made it into a garden ornament (see above), nearly broke her finger with a jackhammer and she stood on a nail (sorry, I was too busy running

for my life to take pictures), my war wounds consist mostly of about a thousand splinters, the one below was about the size

of a large tree:

We also had quite a bit of rain:

Since we have now finished most of the major projects around the place I’ll try and do some more regular updates with something other than pictures of dirt and rocks and decks and gardens and stuff (or maybe they will wholey consist of such things).

Ninja Edit: Kristie has been a busy bee and her succulant garden out by the laundry is done, as is the fern garden in the courtyard, pictures are right here (these need extreme close-ups because the plants are pretty small, I’ll either post some close-ups later, or wait a year when the plants are bigger 😉


We had 120mm in rain so far in December so the deck progress is slower than expected..we’re just over half way done with the deck boards and should be able to get it finished before Christmas.