Site down?!

Well, I noticed!

I have a few reviews coming up:

  • Bad Girls (27/10/2004)
  • Bottom Live – 2003: Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour (27/10/2004)
  • Club Dread – Uncut (27/10/2004)
  • Den of Lions (27/10/2004)
  • Farscape – Season 4 (27/10/2004)
  • Gang Tapes (16/09/2004)
  • I’ll Be There (26/09/2004)
  • M*A*S*H – Season Four (MASH) (27/10/2004)
  • Showdown – 2003 FIA World Rally Championship (27/10/2004)
  • Spartan (31/10/2004)
  • Taking Lives – Special Director’s Cut (12/09/2004)
  • The West Wing – Season 3 (27/10/2004)
  • The West Wing – Season 4 (27/10/2004)

I watched Spartan over the weekend and it was brilliant, surprising given Val Kilmers spotted history of late. A full review will appear soon.

In other news, Jeremy had his car stolen last night from Emu Ridge, it’s a white Hyundai Coupe, registration YLN 857, if you see it, execute street justice on the driver immediately!! (assuming it’s not Jeremy).

Retro Gaming

Jeremy has infected me with the retro gaming bug so I went in search of a game I played to death back in ‘the day’.

And I quote:

Roadwar 2000 is a post-nuclear strategy game taking place in the “last
days” of mankind.

All of a sudden, a fatal epidemic emerged throughout all of the U.S.A.
caused by a very aggressive bacterium cultivated and spread by some occult
and fanatic sect. The epidemic spread over the land in only several
months, causing the government to collapse. Anarchy is now everywhere. In
the streets the mob is plundering, and the hospitals are full of people
dying and suffering. The “enemy” took advantage of this situation and
nuclear bombs struck all major cities; the government was already unable
to retaliate. The aftermath was severe radiation, causing the bacterium
to mutate, also humans, who became infected, turned into very aggressive,
very dangereous mutants, roving the cities and the countryside.

Some links:

After discovering it is almost impossible to play in XP, I downloaded DOSBOX, a great x86 emulator, works a treat!

The gameplay is simplistic and repetitive, involves very little strategy and can at times be very frustrating but it’s still a lot of fun (and addictive, gotta find those scientists!).

My next one will be Demon’s Forge the the first adventure game I ever finished, all those years ago.

My big question is, why don’t people make cool games like this any more? Where are the remakes for this game (and its sequel, Roadwar Europa) and other classics like Syndicate?

I’ve also had another couple of reviews published at, Stranded: Countdown to Boredom and big budget disaster (movie) The Day After Tomorrow, check them out.