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  • Boa vs Python
  • Out of Reach
  • The X-Files Season 8
  • The X-Files Season 9

    More to come soon, currently working on: Beyond Borders,
    Breakdown, Deathlands, Gang Tapes, I’ll Be There, One Good Cop, Stranded – Countdown to Annihilation,
    Taking Lives – Special Director’s Cut,
    The Day After Tomorrow: Special Edition, The Fog, The Void.

    I love those B-Grade shlockers!

    In other news, we moved our Saturday Soccer Games (TM) to the Parliment house pitch, it actually has grass and proper goals. With full sized goals and 6 a side, a high scoring game was had and landing on that soft grass was like falling on a bed of marshmellows (relatively speaking). >Click here to see Saturday Soccer photos.

    Some more reviews

    More reviews up on DVD.net.au, Stargate:Ultimate Edition and Happy Tree Friends, see all of my previous reviews here

    I’ve also just bought a new DVD Player, Pioneer DV-676A, brand new model featuring:


  • 108MHz/12-bit D/A converter
  • Dual PureCinema Progressive Scan(PAL/NTSC)
  • Twin-Wave Laser pickup
  • Video Adjust function
  • Photo Viewer (JPEGplayback)
  • Divx Playback
  • PAL/NTSC Dual System with PAL-NTSC video converter.


  • 192kHz/24-bit D/A converter (6 channels)
  • DVD Audio Decoder
  • SACD Multi Decoder
  • DTS/Dolby Digital decoder (5.1 ch audio outputs)
  • WMA/MP3 playback

    All that for AUS$235. It was a toss up between the Sony DVPNS780 and the DV-676A but at $100 less and essentially exactly the same features (and Divx playback and DVD-A/SACD decoders) the Pioneer won.

    I’ll be writing a full review which will be published on dvd.net.au as soon as I’ve had some time to play with it (and buy a DVD-A or SACD disc).

  • New _Stuff_

    I’ve changed the little thingamajig on the right side to reflect stuff I’m listening to, playing, watching and reading currently. Just click on the images or text to find out more, the links aren’t the “if you click on it and buy it I get money” type so don’t go getting all snooty and calling me a sell out, or whatever.

    Playing: Champions of Norrath

    I finally got around to buying Champions of Norrath (link also on the right thingy under “Play”) – yes Jeremy, I actually bought a game, call the press!!

    Even though it’s set in Norrath (the world that Everquest is set in, of course) it’s not really as EQ-centric as I thought it would be. It is based on the same engine as Baldur’s Gate:Dark Alliance so the gameplay is very similar, which suits us just fine.

    Lots of items, lots of dudes to kill, lots of items to loot and buy, fast levelling, a fighter class for Kristie so she doesn’t have to push more than one button at a time, it’s perfect 🙂

    Highly recommended (if you like that sort of game)

    Sheep Attacks in Royalla

    I did a google on “Royalla” to see how this page is doing (4th at the moment, just in case you’re interested) and found this:

    Taken from http://www.abc.net.au/canberra/stories/s1173994.htm

    We’ve heard about sheep being killed by wild dogs on the Monaro,well now there’s a horrifying story of wholesale killing of sheep and lambs closer to

    Frank Morrison has had 200 of his sheep mauled by dogs since March,and he believes the culprits are coming from a rural housing development at his

    It’s lambing season in the region and farmers expect to lose the odd lamb to foxes or wild dogs, but not SIXTY in two nights!

    The Morrison family have been living on their property, Mount Campbell,between Royalla and Little Burra rural developments for three generations,and have never had sheep losses like this.

    Franks says there has also been six reports of dog attacks in the Michelago area, and even one cow killed by dogs at Royalla and he believes its only a matter of time until a person is hurt.

    Frank told our rural reporter Mandy Gyles a horrifying story of wholesale
    killing of sheep and lambs.

    Rumours abound as to who’s dogs are causing this and it’s pretty likely that the culprit doesn’t watch the news or check this website 🙂

    Impossible to dismiss as a coincidence, it’s pretty obvious the dogs are coming from Royalla and that the owners don’t give a shit. Which is wrong. Give a shit people!