DSL in Royalla, the holy grail, hope at last?

There is hope for us pathetic fools who want to stay in touch with the 21st century yet get the benefits of living a “country” lifestyle (complete with alpacas and roadkill).

Read this:

Agile Broadband Demand Register

Agile is on a mission to bring broadband services to locations where it is not currently available, and to improving the speed and features of broadband services in all areas.

Agile builds new, non-Telstra, broadband local loop services, bringing broadband to locations previously considered too small, or too hard, to access broadband.

If you are currently unable to access broadband data services, you can help us to bring broadband to your area!

All you need to do is to fill out the Agile Broadband Demand register information on this page and submit it to Agile.

Once we have sufficient demand in your geographic area, we will schedule and build a broadband delivery system that suits your geographic and bandwidth requirements.

When an area is scheduled to be broadband enabled, we will contact everyone in that area who has registered with us, to invite them to order a broadband service via any of our wholesale access partners.

Fill in the damn form already!

Click here or I’ll bury you in my backyard, you filthy luddite!

And a special hello to Roy Batty, I thought you were retired..or something.

No pictures of vegetables, guarenteed!

It’s been nearly a month since the last update, so I figure I should do something, anything, to keep the traffic up 😉

I recently bought a Dell Axim X5 second hand from a guy at work for kinda cheap, the X5 is the not the current model but it does run the latest version of Pocket PC which is also called Windows Mobile 2003. (the X5 came with Pocket PC 2002, the older version, which works fine and I’m not really keen to pay Dell US $80 for the upgrade ROM).

Anyway, it’s a handy little device, it’s good for keeping track of appointments, events, birthday and games, I have even designed some themes for it, click here to see them.

Accessories are relatively cheap (thanks eBay), but I’ve already spent too much money on screen protectors, a hard carry case, 256mb SD Memory card, and Wireless CF card.

All productivity fakery aside, it’s also good to reading eBooks. Usually priced slightly cheaper than paperbacks, I’m not sure if they’re great value for money (since you can’t resell them, or lend them to a friend) but it’s a convenient and easy way to read.

I read Michael Crichton’s “Timeline” entirely on the Axim and it proved a worthy adversary to a paperback, if a little heavier (but you can read in the dark). The book is ok-ish, the ending is stupid and illogical, the movie for it has just been released, apparently it’s crapola. I think Michael Crichton is over-rated.

In other news the word “hore” is still at the top of search phrases for people finding this site (by A LOT), I’m 99% sure that nobody I know is searching for the site using my surname so it must boil down to illiterate morons who can’t spell BANANA, looking for FRIED RICE sites..you’ll find no LANDSPEEDERS here my friend, and now that I have spelled out JOBS and LEATHER on the site, once google indexes this page, watch my hits skyrocket! Hell, while I’m at it, FREE CARS JOB CASINO SHOE MAKE MONEY FAST.
(some words have been changed within the last paragraph to protect the innocent and those behind company/PS firewalls/filters 🙂

I feel better now.