R.I.P. Alice

After nearly 9 years of a good life (for a rabbit) our dear pet Alice has bought the farm, so to speak, we planted a tree and buried her with the ashes of Elvis, who died about 4 years ago, found bloated and dead on the toilet (I may be getting my stories confused here, I can’t be sure).

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We request that in leiu of sending flowers, you donate some fertiliser for their new tree 😉

Due to popula demand, pictures of stuff!

Our first exhibit if the vege garden, complete with lettuce, tomotoes, zucchini (spell checker, where are you?) and parsley (not strictly a vegetable, more of a herb or something)

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Exhibit B, the pots and the mostly complete courtyard thingamijig with pots, el’cheapo banana lounges ($99 from Copperart..erm, Ho’Mart, erm, somewhere like that) and dodgy paving. I think I have decided that one day, when I’m bored and everything else is finished I’ll re-do the paving, it’s pretty good, but it’s not perfect.

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Click the pictures, you know you want to!

There, now, back to your regularly useless posts. Leave a comment, I like comments!

Make with the pictures already!

I have some new pictures to post but I’ve been lazy/sick and will get to them in the next couple of days, I promise!

Our vege garden was originally going to be up the back of the block near the shed, but we’ve decided that’s too far away from the house, and a bit too exposed to wind/animals/etc. So we’re going to be putting the vege’s behind the house, I’ve drawn up a plan and everything, sort of.

We already have a prototype out the front which is doing VERY well, some lettuce, tomatoes and zucchini, all growning like mad..umm..vegetables.

I’ll post pictures soon.

New Customers!

This site seems to be featuring higher and higher on search engines so it looks like people are stumbling upon it more often (completely by accident, I suppose) as can be seen by the latest comment.

I should probably be more careful what I say in future, but what’s the fun in that?

In fact, you should see the list of search words that people have found this site with, (i.e. they have types one of the words below into a search engine and found this site) … it’s wierd … here’s a summary:

Search Word Number of requests
1. hore 23
2. royalla 7
3. pictures 6
4. rancho 5
5. ian 3
6. la 3
7. mexico 3
8. elkins 3
9. de 3
10. i 3
11. house 3
12. contrapulation 2
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19. old 2
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21. morocco 2
22. super 2
23. and 2
24. timetraveler_0 2
25. goldfish 1
26. titor 1
27. here 1
28. friendly 1
29. houses 1
30. ghost 1
[not listed: 68] 68

I’ve been planning a news post for a slow period that will list all the possible names people have proposed for the pink house next door, stay tuned for that one, it’ll surely make the list of search engine keywords go crazy.

In completely unrelated news…well, kinda related.

Hi Ian, a future resident of Royalla, maybe…

In answer to your question. , we were looking for a fergy on the advice of our builder, who said they were cheap and reliable. We ended up finding it at Ranger Geale (SP?) in Yass. We originally went to Robinsons in Bookham, they had a Fergy that had been partially “restored” (someone had given it a coat of grey paint, but didn’t bother to even brush off the cobwebs, so they were a nice fergy grey too) but it was too expensive (all their stuff is, in general, too expensive for the rusty junk it is). So we passed through Yass on the way home and dropped into the Ranger Geale guy, he told us he was expecting one as a trade in within a couple of weeks, he called up two weeks later to give us first option on it, we drove up, kicked the tires and bought it, along with a carry-all and slasher. As previously mentioned we have since sold it (ironically, to a guy from the Yass area) and now own a shiney new John Deere Ride-on.