Ride-on, Hail, Paving, stuff…

No More Fergy

Well, we finally sold the old Fergy…oh wait, I already posted news about that..ok, so, we finally picked up the new John Deere ride-on…here are some pictures in case you’ve never seen a ride-on lawn mower before! (none of these pictures are clickable, go into the gallery to see them and more in bigger form).

Out with the old 🙁

and in with the new

Paving and pebbles

We also started on the courtyard pathways, got big laods of sand and gravel and started lots of kneeling in wet sand and shovelling of gravel, the end result is…

This is about 1/5th of what we need to complete, so another few weeks and the courtyard will be almost usable!

The rain in spain …

The weather has been wacky, we have had significant hail twice in the last month…

Byebye Fergy

P>So we finally sold the tractor, we were rich for 3.7 seconds, about the time it took to decide on which ride-on mower we were going to get.

Out with the old

and in with the new


This is it, it’s a John Deere! We have been looking at ride-ons on and off since we moved in, we had originally decided to buy a MTD (shoulda seen the guy at Deere’s face when I told him that) mainly because they were the cheapest for the features. Then JD bring out this new “L” series and well, the rest is history.

We’re getting the L110, which is a 17.5HP 42″ cut with an auto transmission for lazy sailing 🙂 Click here to see more details if you care.

Mouse Calibration

is excellent.  To recalibrate your mouse, click and hold on the moon. 
Then drag the moon toward the smiley.  If it doesn’t work, you might want
to clean your mouse.

ZStop fucking around and go do something


We finally started on the paving in the courtyard:

(Bigger versions in the October Gallery)

It didn’t turn out too bad, not quite what we’d call “professional” (it’s a bit wobbly and a little bit uncentred in the formwork), but pretty good for a first effort and once we put some pots and stuff on it you’ll never know!

Nothing..really…well ok, something!

So there’s some new pictures in the gallery, I *have* been a bit slack with updates but it’s been same old same old around here, digging holes, putting up fences, painting, planting, watering, blah blah blah~

Some nice pictures of the pink monstrosity next door are in the September Gallery:

Click here to see the September Gallery (I think)

In those pictures you may also see a most horrible sight. Before we visited mum and dad’s new place in Wedderburn (Victoria, look it up, I had to!:) … After many weeks of complaining that my hair had gotten a little out of control (lazyness makes it grow faster, really!) Kristie took to my head with a pair of clippers, home-made haircuts are always the best, for real!

The head from hell!?

From this …

via this …

to this …

(bigger versions in the gallery, use the link above, if you dare!!)

I haven’t managed to sunburn my head yet, but I’m working on it!

Water situation improves!

We’ve had some good rain recently too, and for the first time in nearly 2 years the water tank is threatening to overflow, we’ve decided that if it does, it’s a reason to celebrate…not entirely sure HOW yet, but we’ll do something, probably involving wasting a lot of water..ironic that Canberra is in severe water restrictions and we have more than we’ve ever had, those poor urban dwellers!