More problems….

Webone (my ISP) has recently merged, or been taken over, or something, with iinet, and they have totally bollocks’ed up the web hosting, so it’s likely that some images and stuff will be a bit wacky until they pull their useless fingers out and fix it, yay for progress!

Website Problemos

The machine that the database was running on decided that I had too much spare time on my hands and it’s taken me about a week to get it re-installed properly. I suspect a dodgy power supply in the new case so I have to chase Jeremy for the power supply he has from the case I gave him for the arcade machine. It’s up and running but I have some things disconnected to allow the dodgy yumcha 300w PSU to power what’s left without crashing constantly.

The pink house is getting bigger, and pinker.

Picture of the gigantic pink Phallus

Only 2 of (about, I think) 6 parts have been delivered on our wonderful new pink phallic symbol next door, here are the much awaited pictures (more when the rest “arrives”):

I haven’t been able to catch it in the right light yet (if there is such a thing for such a vile colour), but I’ll try and get some pictures in full light on the weekend, I’m hoping the fuckwit is out there admiring his handywork so I can flip him the neighourly bird.

In other news, word of a few robberies around the place here have prompted me to install a cheap-ass(tm) security system. It’s a webcam with motion detect software which will send me an email with attached pictures of anything that moves in the line of sight, it also upload pictures to webone (just in case theives steal the computers) and the local server. I’m not going to make the URL for the pictures public since nobody wants to see me walking around in my underwear!


In the interests of neighbourhood harmony I was going to refrain from posting anything else about my fuckwit neighbour, I figured that if he (or his stupid family) ever saw this page they may take offence (in much the same way we did when he sent that moronic “you poisoned my trees” letter around).

However, desperate times call for desperate measures, and posting a whine on a blog is about as desperate as I get these days so here goes:

Several months ago we received a letter from council asking us to comment on the new construction approval they had received for the block next door. They had some concerns that the structure was rather large and the proposed construction method may cause concern to neighbouring blocks. In essence, they had proposed a 56 meter long transportable house which was essentially 3 full houses joined together by common walls and doors (lockable, I’d assume). This little scheme cleverly gets around the dual occupancy laws by joining the houses together, with the side effect that it will look like a demountable school classroom, a dodgy hotel or a cult complex.

“OK” we say, “to each his own, if he wants to live with his parents in a house that looks like a block of flats, that’s ok, AS LONG AS THE COLOUR DOESN’T MATCH THE SHED.”

So, rather than send a letter off to council to make sure/complain (because our OTHER neighbour had done this to us without first talking to us and we know how it feels), we had a neighbourly chat with the fuckhead (notice my change in tone from the last update, note though, that I wasn’t referring to him as “fuckwit” back then, however, from now on, I will, if the shoe fits….)

We expressed our concern over the shed colour (pink, you’ve seen it here) and he ASSURED us that the house was not going to be the same colour (the shed colour was a mistake, in his words, we agreed!). He told us at this time that the house colour was to be “wheat”. So, we left it at that, the house will only be partially visible from ours anyway, and as long as it wasn’t pink, we could live with it.

Yesterday the house arrived.

It’s pink.

(pictures tomorrow)

New Modding Project

Below is the concept for my next case-mod….anyone who knows Kristie, or has been to our house knows that she’s a mad Cleveland Indians fan, hats, badges, stickers, baseball bats, shirts, jumpers, jackets, dolls, keyrings, belt buckles…just about anything you can put an indians logo on, she has…except for a PC case (although, her PC is called “Indians”).

So, I bring you…”Go Tribe” v1.0


I’ll dremel out the teeth (if Mike will lend me his, hi Mike :), eyes, feather and headband and paint on the rest of the details (or make a stencil, not sure yet).

An acrylic window will be attached to the inside of the case .. high gloss red on the outside, all black inside. Blue cathlod to give that blue glow and blue LED fans for exhaust and intakes. I considered intake fans for the eyes, but that’s just silly!

(the original logo can be seen here)