The Matrix: Reloaded

I had the honour of being in the (small) audience for the FINAL session of The Matrix Reloaded in Canberra on Wednesday night, being my first viewing of the movie (yeah yeah, shut yer piehole) I had of course a lot of forbidden knowledge going in (spoilers!), so I wasn’t just your average lamb to the slaughter.

Having said that, I’m still in “WTF” mode. I’m not even going to say the obvious “it wasn’t so great” or “what a disapointment” or even “WTF”..I’ll just say, “I can’t wait for the next one”!

I’m also the proud owner of a RedvsBlue t-shirt, I’ll post a picture if I can be buggered some time.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Sequel!


I’m not shitting around here, I’ve just come back from a preview of T3 (thanks Neal!) and it’s truly is the best movie I’ve seen in a very long time.

If the words “ABSOLUTELY”, “FUCKING” and “BRILLIANT” were the only ones in my vocabularily I wouldn’t have a problem giving my opinion on this movie, really. It’s truly awesome, the action had me giggling like a schoolboy, the one liners are ABSOLUTELY priceless (if re-used from T2, but that’s what makes them so good) and the script and plot are spotless and BRILLIANT. Here’s a “FUCKING” for good measure.

Nothing I can write can do this movie justice. If you haven’t seen it yet, see it NOW..if you have seen it, see it again dammit (and make sure you tell me, so I can come along again too).

The Terminator series just got elevated to my favourite trilogy in the history of movies.

Been a long time since I Rock n..ummm…updated.

Yeah yeah, quit yer bitching, it’s been a month since I updated the news, and a month since I uploaded photos of grass growing and over 2 weeks since SOMEONE LEFT A COMMENT (Hi Smee!). There’s a moral to this story, I’ll leave it up to the reader to determine what it is.

The reason there has been no updates is because there’s been nothing to update, I bought some new DVD’s, click on the link in the menu (I’m too lazy to link it here). I’m totally sick of buying DVD’s for $30+ with no extras that later come out as “special editions” with lots of extras for the same price, or less.

So, I’ve decided not to buy any movies that were not made in the 80’s that cost more than $25. Why? The 80’s rocked for movies, it’s really that simple..I already have a lot of 80’s stuff but my wish list (again, click the link on the left) has a bunch more that I want to get.

We just got back from a week on Coffs Harbour visiting Kristies parents, it was nice to not have to wear ugh boots around the house and rug up to go outside, although we did see quite a few Coffs natives doing just that in 15+ temperatures (toasty!), living in semi-tropical climate makes you go soft I suppose.

Not much else to report, there are some new photos in the dynamic gallery (click the link, top of page, blah blah blah) grass, I promise! (well, maybe a little).

I read my obligitory book for the year “Magicians Law” by Michael Scott, a decent read but it’s the first of a trilogy so I’m going to have to break my rule and read 2 more books this year (I hate not knowing what’s going to happen!)

I also bought an xbox (again, yes, again!), it’s been modded so I can run all sorts of apps on it, I mostly use it to play emultors (MAME and SNES feature prominantly), it’s nice to be able to play th old SNES games as nature intended (on the couch, with a controller), rather than sitting at the PC.

Anyway, blah!