Super Troopers 2? – Sort of…

Super Troopers is my all time favourite comedy (yeah yeah, I only saw it a few months ago, how can it be my favourite already?) and it’s good to see the same guys are making a new movie, called Club Dread, can’t wait!

At Club Dread, an alcohol (and other substances) drenched swinging-singles-style island resort off the coast of Costa Rica, the festivities are interrupted by the presence of a machete-wielding serial killer, so it’s up to the staff (the Broken Lizard guys who made “Super Troopers”) to try to stop (or at least hide) the bloodshed before they lose all their business (and of course, their swank jobs).

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la la la

Bling bling


Someone is sending me strange SMS messages:

The first one simple said


followed by

“Excuse me Chris. What the hell is that in your hand?”

To which I replied “My phone” or some such wittyness.


“Correct! But I’m not going to end the game that quickly. I know that you bravely battled the Canberra fires. Do you need more clues? You’ve already got a lot!”

to which I replied


No reply yet…if you’re reading this, whoever you are, I’ve got no idea who you are, be less subtle, remember, I’m a bit stupid!

Help, I’m being STALKED!!

In other news, I’ve added some photos to the photo gallery:

June 2003

Some New Movies

I bought a few new DVD’s worth mentioning:

  • Kung Pow: Enter the Fist – Steve O (of Oderbattle fame) has taken what was probably a really bad 70’s kung foo movie not staring him, and turned it into a really bad kung foo movie staring him. Using computers and stuff he has taken the original film and added himself as The Chosen One and new dialog..why? I dunno, he’s either a comic genius or a nutcase.
  • 8 Mile – Eminem has taken what was probably a really bad 90’s rap movie, not staring him into a really bad rap movie staring him..oh waitaminute. I actually enjoyed 8 Mile and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve liked Eminem before he became MTV safe. The usual complaint about 8 Mile is that there’s not enough music, which is true, but the rap battles make up for it, worth a look.
  • Westworld – Picked this up cheap from JB (my favourite shop in the whole world, this week), the classic sci-fi featuring a shaved monkey and a tube of toothbpaste…umm, wrong movie! I haven’t seen this since I was about 12, and I loved it then, I haven’t watched it yet, I bet it’s aged really badly.

Don’t worry, I’m not turning the Rancho into a movie review site, I suck at reviews (as you can see).