Possum Bourne R.I.P.

Being semi amateur fans of Rally (not a semi amateur rally driver, just an amateur fan) we are saddened today to hear of the death of Possum Bourne, a legend in Asia/Pacific Rally, indeed, international Rally.

He knew the risks and he accepted them and thrived in a sport that takes balls of steel to even succeed at a local level. Respect to all rally drivers who take their own and their co-drivers lives into their hands on a daily basis, for the love of the sport.

At least he died doing something he loved, 99% of the people in the world won’t be able to say the same thing.

He’s power sliding around the big medium right in the sky right now, and loving it!

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About 3 weeks ago we finally finished preparing the courtyard area for grass seeding, now, we have GRASS..well, sort of..it’s slowly growing, here’s a timelapse of sorts…(click the thumbnail to see a bigger version, click here to see all the images in the new gallery – I’ll add more as the grass grows…cue jokes about watching grass grow!)

As you can see, the grass is growing…seen above, the very first blade of grass.

…and it grew some more…as grass does…….

…watch grass grow……we have some wierd little weed thingies growing in the dirt though, I don’t have any good pictures of them because they’re evil and smart and have decided to grow near the middle of the lawn area, which we can’t walk on yet, so by the time we can get in there and look at these things (and tear them out!) they’ll be as big as the house…stand by for pictures….

In other news, we finally sold the Commodore, for not-quite-as-much as we’d hoped, but it’s gone to a good home, pretty much were all VL’s end up these days, with a P Plater 😉

We’re also selling the tractor, decided it’s served the purpose for which it was originally purchased so we’re going to sell it off and buy a ride on mower, with a turbo and flames!…maybe not…if anyone wants to buy the tractor (with slasher and carry-all), you know where to find us 😉

Follow the links above for more pictures and information about the tractor

These Alpacas are nuts!

…or not.

Today we had the vet out to give Heath and Dante the unkindest cut of all.

To cut (no pun intended) a short story long, I ended up with a mouth full of alpaca spit, Kristie had to take some time out to avoid feinting and the vet has something to feed his dogs tonight.

Poor buggers!

To clarify my previous update, Zane and I didn’t spot the ‘h’ (well, 2 of them) in the ..fox phrase, so the “duuuh” was aimed at us, for not seeing the blatantly obvious right away, duuuuh!

Wavy Jake’s fat zebra had Mexican pig liquor.

While discussing the exact meaning of

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Zane and I spent a good 3 minutes wandering why it’s used as a font test phrase (i.e. it shows all the letters s you can tell what each looks like when printed in a particular font) if it has no ‘h’ in it, duuuuuh. Before that happened I had no idea what a Pangram was, now I know and I’m going to edumacate you!

Pangram: A pangram is a poem using every letter of the alphabet at least once. Obviously, any extended text—say, Moby Dick, is likely to contain the entire alphabet, so a pangram needs to be small in order to be remarkable.

I have to say, my favourite Pangram is the subject of this post…

Wavy Jake’s fat zebra had Mexican pig liquor.

I shall use it from now on, instead of the quick brown fox….

In other news, we had our first snake sighting on the block yesterday, apparently a black snake was making its happy way along our driveway…doesn’t it know winter is coming?!?

It’s just Cricket…adendum

In response to Colins comment…

So did the thirty odd we lost by include the
twenty-something that you didn't count, or
did we actually lose by fifty-something?

The umpire decided that the final Michalego score was to be the higher of the two anyway, so they ended up with 76 (I think) and we got about 40..so the total difference was 30 odd, not 50..

Did I mention that half their brigade plays indoor cricket, and the other half plays real cricket, whereas, I think at least a majority of our brigade knows how to spell CRICKET.

Reading Test

Take your time and see if you can read each line aloud without a mistake.

The average person can’t.

 This is this cat.
 This is is cat.
 This is how cat.
 This is to cat.
 This is keep cat.
 This is a cat.
 This is dumbass cat.
 This is busy cat.
 This is for cat.
 This is forty cat.
 This is seconds cat.

Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the top down and I betcha you can’t resist passing it on.

It’s just Cricket…

Beautiful weather today for the inaugural Williamsdale vs Michelago RFS Cricket Match. Kristie has a sore foot (the condition has some latin name, diagnosis is that she can’t walk or do anything strenuous for a couple of months or she’ll get a bone spur..ouch?) and I was official scorer so obviously couldn’t play..good weather for scoring though (scoring a cricket game, minds…out…gutter)

We played modified indoor cricket rules, essentially every player must bowl 2 overs and each pair of players must face 4 overs, meaning everyone gets a go at something.

We lost, by something like 30 runs, despite my best efforts to pad the results (just kidding, I have NO IDEA how the score I recorded for Michelagos innings was 20something runs different to what their scorer got..must have been the beer).

There was even a strangely phalic trophy, awarded to the Michelago team, which mysteriously went missing, I’m sure it will turn up soon!

<Picture lost in the mists of time>

Have you seen this trophy?!

I also took a bunch of pictures, see them here

====>RFS Cricket Match 4 April 2003<====

(link broken, the gallery it lived in no longer exists)