Fires…and this time we didn’t light them!

They’re nowhere near us, but the Brindabella mountains are ablaze..Kristie and I have been out there backburning with the RFS a couple of times and there’s likely more to come soon, as can be seen by this picture we also have a fire service light unit on the block, just in case something happens in the estate…in the meantime, we get to enjoy the lightshow.

Under Construction – ACK!!

Yeah yeah, the site is going to be a mess over the next few weeks as I redesign it, again and again..I’m not using any development methodologies except for the chaos theory!

Comments on the new design as it takes shape are welcome.

Happy New Year

…and stuff….

We had a busy Christmas/New Year period, family lunch on Christmas day, Dave came to visit for about a week from Jan 1 and helped us finish some of the niggly things outside..the wiring on the courtyard fence, some garden edging, that sort of stuff…pictures to follow.

This little guy found out mailbox quite the place to hang out…we had other ideas and after much stick poking and jumping around, he agreed, and moved on.

..and we also did quite a bit of fencing, still have the gates to put on, but we haven’t really decided 100% what to do with them day….here are some pictures of the fence with the 6.5mm mesh on, it’s not as perfectly tight and flat as we wanted it but it’s not bad for a first should keep the evil serpents out anyway.

More fence stuff, you can see the outside path, we were originally going to have the brown mulchy stufff flush up to the fence but realised it there was ever a fire near here that stuff would burn really well, so the path is more as a firebreak than a pathway…

Fence from another angle, happily, you can’t really see the wire mesh as much as we thought you would be able to, it hardly blocks the view at all…

..And the resurection of Panorama Factory….

..I’ve been playing with Photoshop, after many many years of using Image Composer as my primary image editing/creation tool, I’ve finally made the leap to something much more powerful and useful..Image composter (hehe, that was a typo but I’ll leave it anyway) is a great little package, just a shame MS stopped developing it, it could have been a competitor!