Been a slacker….

Yes I know, no updates for a while and all 3 of you probably stopped visiting a long time ago!

Quick update on where we’re at:

  • The new kitchen benches are in and are looking good..I won’t bother posting a picture since they look exactly the same as the old one, they just look and feel a lot better up close (the edges are about 100000% better). The tiling needs to be re-done and the kitchen saga is over.
  • We bought 2 alpacas, giant sheep with long necks..named Heath and Dante (Dante was originally called ‘Gladiator’ but we didn’t like the name, as if he even knows it ;)..Kristie has been attempted to domesticate them by hand feeding and patting and generally being really nice to them..I’m going to have to draw the line when she invited them inside the house!
  • Some minor gardening, relatively speaking..everything we seem to need to do is on a bigger scale than if we were in the ‘burbs..we had to spread about 100 cubic metres of mulch onto the rear and front slopes of the site cut to stabalise it and allow us to plant some shrubs and stuff (and settle the dust).
  • The topsoil be bought months ago is still sitting in a pile in the now has a nice collection of weeds growing in it, they’re huge!
  • The fence is in limbo, other things keep taking up our still needs gates and the wire attached, I suspect it will be done in a hurry when Kristie sees her first snake 😉
  • We’ve had a major plumbing disaster, with the latest raid a storm water pipe (well, our water supply pipe, which carries the rain from the roof to the tank) at the back of the house, split like a ripe melon, it had a big rock right on top of it…whoever backfilled it did a bloody aweful job.

That’s about it, I’ll post some pictures soon.