OMG! 18 August, I suck!

OK, so it’s been a while since the last update, sue me.

Highlights of the last month (or two):

  • We finally have a resolution of the benchtop saga, after many months (nearly 20something weeks now), they’re being totally replaced, thanks to the persistance of Kristie, I would have given up ages ago, yay us;
  • Built our first dry stone wall, a minor project, this was actually pretty enjoyable, as enjoyable as lugging gigantic rocks around and piling them on top of each other can be, I suppose;
  • We built a fence, see below;
  • Had a bobcat in, which finally got rid of all the dirt piles around the place, looks much neater now;
  • Bought a metric f*cktonne of scalpings for the driveway, which now looks very good, rather than dirt;
  • We’ve bought about a bazillion cubit shitloads of mulch (called bush litter) and spread it around the slopes surrounding the house site cut, looks mucho better (pictures in next update);
  • We’re out of money, and back to dirt farming (until next payday, or big lotto win!);

(Ref: House Wishlist)

Minor project #1, the dry stone wall.
Rocks are heavy, but I wish we had enough to do this to the whole front fill area, unfortunatly (never thought I’d EVER say this) we don’t have enough rocks!

Work in progress….

The finished product (almost)

Major project #1, the driveway.
Lots of scalps, a bobcat and a truck, all the ingredients for a decent rural driveway..not cheap, but effective (not cheap, but MUCH cheaper than paving it properly)

View number 1, this was taken on the first day, it’s not properly compacted yet, and it hasn’t been wet/rained on at this stage, it looks much better right now (about 2 weeks after this picture was taken), some more pictures in future updates, I’m sure.

Another view, etc

Major project #2, the fence.
We’re very proud of our little fence, it will (eventually) completely enclose the courtyard area and (when the wire is attached) be totally snake proof. The pictures below show the construction, which took our crack team of labourers and carpenters about 2 weeks to complete (full time, we were on holidays!)

From little things….and 20 of these holes, each dug 600mm deep, my aching arms! (it was too rocky for an auger, so it was crowbar all the way!)

Each of the 20+ posts is quickset’d in place, probably not entirely necessary given the solid ground they’re in, but an additional cost we felt we had to pay, Bunnings have starving shareholders they have to pay you know!

It looks kinda like a fence!

Ignore that slight kink in the height, it’s intentional, really! There’s gaps left for gates in 3 places, 2 are 100mm wide, and one is a double gate about 2600mm, bobcat size, in case we ever need one in there, digging a pool! (yeah, right)

another angle.

The safety gear is due to the noxious chemicals we were using, creosote and pine chemical treatment are killers, don’t drink them! Take heart in the fact that we put so many chemicals on the posts (mostly the underground part) that they’ll never rot, with the amount of concrete we used the posts will probably survive a nuclear blast.

What’s missing? Next update will include the fully painted fence, and the mulching of the gardens around the house, also lots of tree planting. Don’t hold your breath though, at this rate, I may be posting the next update when the ginko trees (tube stock) we’ve just planted are giving us some shade 😉