What we did on the weekend.

Got the tractor going, sort of..the battery is dead++ so I need to buy a new one, ripped the commodore’s battery out to get it going until I get a new one since I’d like to avoid having to swap the battery in and out whenever I want to start the tractor.


bought a new lounge….

it was cheaper than it looks and it fills the big empty void that was in the living area..

..looks good too!

That is all.

New bits..

Take a look to the left, the menu has a couple of new items..wish lists for the house and tractor, in the fine tradition of e/n blogs, this shows you more useless information about us…

The main reason it exists is that I’m experimenting with a new blog update script called Blosxom, check out the link of the day to see the source etc…

Let is Snow….

Just a quick one..

Update on the kitchen saga, is…nothing, Ceasarstone sent us a letter offering to replace the island only, claiming that there was a fault in it, and it alone..we wrote a reply telling themto shove it.

It snowed, check it out…

Looks a little like a moonscape, eh!

Not much else…..really…go away now……

The fools on IRC know me too well….

[00:09] <caf> scratch's weblog: "Monday: Saw some more dirt today."
[00:09] <indygoid> "couldnt start the tractor. again."
[00:09] <caf> "Tuesday: Saw some more dirt. Momentary
excitement when I thought I saw a rock."
[00:09] <nem> but there's no dirt on the moon
[00:10] <caf> although its actually an exciting saga of
recalcitrant kitchen salesmen isn't it