Due to popular demand..

Another update!
Not a lot has happened since the last update, the painters painted some more, we bought all the light fittings we needed (ouch!!), we’re now broke++ (that’s pretty broke)!
Only about 2.5 weeks to go until we can move in, 14th May is the estimated completion date, before then the painters have to finish, tiles in the main area have to go in, carpets, electrical and plumbing all have to be done.
Electrical fitout is starting tomorrow (Monday)..the rest should follow shortly after, stay tuned for all the news as it happens! (all 3 of you)
Here’s some pictures and stuff (well, no stuff, just pictures)
Firstly, the colours again, most have their third coat now so they’re looking good (the digital pics don’t do it justice, come visit!)

We forgot a cabinet, luckily the kitchen/joinery place was very nice and whipped us up one at the last minute, yay, thanks Pioneer Kitchens.

While the builders and tradesmen have been busy inside, we’ve been busy outside, gardening, landscaping, and stuff….

The wildlife out here is getting brave..this rare sighting of the Helenaraptor, feeding on her natural food, the meat pie….

And last but not least, we finally have a letter box…

Opinions vary about the colour scheme we’ve chosen, some people like it, some people love it, some people hate it (we love it)…clone…doesn’t….

[23:44] it looks like a different muppet has exploded in each room


Thes updayte is fer awl thu anul retntuve spel chekers and tiopo chekars thut reed thiz syte.


The kitchen benches are in, the stainless steel bench is there too, but it’s covered in white plastic for protection, so we can’t see it properly yet.

The paint is about half way done, second coat going on in most places. Kristie’s study is having a major colour change (to the actual correct colour, something about ‘tints’, according to the painter)..and the hallway has also changed colour.

Almost all the bathroom tiling is done, all the borders are done, walls are 99% done, mainly because we keep deciding to add more on!

Here’s the usual swag of pictures:

Kitchen benches, we’re not 100% happy with them yet, not quite as shiny as we originally thought, and the edges are a bit rough, they need a bit more finishing before we’ll sign off.

Kristie’s new (original) colour!

New (original) hallway colour…

And the completed ensuite mirror, sans mirror (for a little while)

It’s been raining again, the water tank is just under 1/4 full already, but so is the soggy pit of mud next to the house 🙂

More paint than you can poke a brush at..

More painting has been done, looks like the painter has used the wrong colour on the hallway though..we’ll get that fixed up real quick!

Just a buncha pictures for this update, not much you can say about a buncha coloured walls that hasn’t been said a million times before…

And the outside colour has started to go on:

Plumb this, paint this, do dah do dah

A few significant things have happened since the last update..the plumber has been back and hooked up the roof, so we’re finally collecting WATER, ironically, or something..it’s raining today, somebody loves us!

The tiler also finished up the wet areas, almost…

But who cares about all that, the painter started!! Take a look at this!!(the actual colours vary from lighter than shown here to darker, depending on the lighting..the purple and green of the first two are actually much darker)

Some of these look a bit dark and odd, it was late and raining, I’ll get better pictures on the weekend….

True Grout

The tile epic continues, grouting on the wall tiles is mostly completed, we decided to stick with white grout in the main bathroom because the border tiles had white edges and it would have looked a bit funny with a grey grout.
The floor tiles in the wet areas are also finished, one more day of wet area tiling and it should be done, mostly grouting and fixing up small errors. The tiler will be back after the painting is done, in about 2 weeks..the next couple of weeks should be pretty exciting with the wall colours going on, so stay tuned!
Let’s get on with the show!
The grouting in the ensuite bathroom, with all the borders in place.

A close up of the the border and grouting, woo!

Same again, in the main bathroom, you can see some of the floor tiles in this one too, we’re beginning to understand why we needed an interior designer now, looks great (we think!), we would have picked blacks and greys if it was up to us, we have no style!

Floor tiles and shower recess in the ensuite, again, we like the matching of the colours, money well spent on the interior designer.

Everything but the laundry sink, oh wait, there it is!