Working on the weekend

The tiler came back on Good Friday to finish up the rest of the tiles (there are some more on order, he ran out!) so there’s some new stuff to look at!
Border tiles around the powder room mirror, you can also see the borders around the shower recess inside the bathroom:

…and the laundry has been tiled too. We had a small problem with the laundry cabinet (where the sink will go) was a little bit wide and didn’t allow enough room for the washing machine, not a major problem, it just needs to be moved a little and trimmed a little and the washing machine will fit nice and snug:

Laundry bench thingy, with cupboards on top:

More Tiles, part 342353415234

The tiler has been hard at work, still, most of the feature tiles are in place, the rest are on order….he probably has another week to go, but then, what do I know?

Up close in the ensuite:

Ensuite Shower:

Ensuite Mirror:

Don’t ask how much this patterned feature tiles cost, you’ll fall off your chair!

Joinery galore!

All the joinery is done, the kitchen is in (old news!), laundry, powder room (outside the main bathroom) and the ensuite all have their cupboards and shelving etc in place, looks great!

The tiler has also started, been there a few days now, and got a little bit done, apaprently he’ll be two weeks, that’s just for the wet areas, he still has to do the main living area..I hope we’re not paying him by the hour 😉

The tile colours are finally coming to life, they look a lot different on the wall than in a box, we still like them luckily!

A picture tells 1000 words, as usual:

The main bathroom:

The ensuite walls:

Joinery, Laundry tub (the hole needs to be cut for the sink still):

Powder room!:

The ensuite, we really like these colours..wait until the border tiles are done!:

Easter BBQ/Picnic

Here’s a quick summary:

When Friday 29 March 2002
Where Lot 82 Royalla Country Estate (210
Shearer Drive), if you don’t know how to get there, ask.
What Good Friday BBQ and Picnic, everyone welcome, BYO drinks and BBQ food, when we know who’s
coming we’ll probably let you know anything else that’s needed (like salads, bread
etc). Dogs and other pets (anyone got a Llama?) are also welcome.

What kind of question is that?! ok ok, here’s the real reason…we’re
getting too old to drink 2-3 fishbowls of marguarita in one night, and
recover in a reasonable amount of time, so are YOU!

Plus, if we have a BBQ on the land, we can take some cricket bats,
soccer balls, frisbees etc out and have some good healthy fun. That’s

RSVP!! Mail Kristie and tell her you’re coming, do it NOW!!!

Miles and miles of tiles

Changes are going to be small and subtle from now on, painting, tiling, electricals and carpet are the only major things left to do, hard to believe that there’s still about 7 weeks to go.

All the bathroom and laundry tiles where delivered today, we have to meet the tiler out there at 7am (!!!!!) on Monday to give him instructions on what to do, where to lay and generally how to do his job!

Boxes, in an unlocked house, luckily it’s miles from the suburbs and sticky fingered street urchans

Ensuite colours, the wall tiles is in a box (we didn’t want to open it yet), the narrow tile is the border for the mirror)

Close up of the border tiles, this pattern will go around the mirror in the ensuite, we think it will look good, bloody better, it cost enough!

And the main bathroom, the terracotta is the floor (same as the ensuite) and the blue colour is for the walls, same in the toilet and laundry. A border tile here too, for the mirrors.

That’s about it, more updates as there’s something to update..tiling should take about 2 weeks so there’s bound to be something to look at every day for a while…as long as I’m not too lazy.

Bitchin’ Kitchen

As promised, the kitchen is in (partially), the joinery parts are in anyway, this is all the cupboards, the pantry, island, fridge bit etc etc, a picture tells 1000 words…

The benches and other finishing bits aren’t there yet, they probably wont go in until very late, but we think what’s there now looks great, a couple of minor problems (like the gas pipe for the oven coming out inside a cupboard instead of behind the stove, but I’m sure they’ll all be sorted out in time.

Nothing else major has changes, the skirting boards are mostly down, doors have had holes for door handled drilled…that’s about it!

That’s what’s going down…on the inside!

Lots of action, seems like the house is 90% complete now, but we still have more than 7 weeks to go! The kitchen is going in TODAY, that’s definately worth an update, so I’ll do one tonight.

NOTE: I’m compressing the JPG’s to 40% to make them quicker to download on the modem connection, if anybody actually wants the full size/quality version of any of these, just email me and I’ll send them.

The water tank is competely finished, it’s not hooked up yet, but that’s one of the last things they’ll do…it does however have some water in it, to assist the curing process:

We also have some doors!

The cornices are all complete, architraves (sp?) are almost all done, should be finished today, skirtings shouldn’t be far behind, these things went up pretty quick, took them about 3 days to do all the cornices.

We had originally wanted a different type of cornice, called Gyprock® Tempo Cornice but even though the website says it lays and cuts exactly the same way as normal cove cornice, the plasterer wanted to charge us $4 a linear metre more to lay it, which would have been over $1600 extra! It’s a shame, the Tempo would have looked cool.

Bit of a close up of the architraves (there’s that sp again, someone care to let me know if that’s how you actual spell the silly word?) and the edge of the cornice to the raked area in the kitchen.

We made the ensuite toilet too small, and the WIR too big! The WIR can be used as a spare room!

In other news, we drove up to Forster for the weekend to become God parents (irony?) for Kienan, we borrowed a friends car for the drive, on the way up, the odometer! clicked over to this, an omen? (get it, omen, haha, oh dear)

Just a comparison…

Time for a little reflection on the past…

That was then…(1 December 2001)

This is now…(4 March 2002)

And from another angle…(8 December 2001)

and Now…(5 March 2002)

The inside changed to a lesser degree, mostly due to the fact that there was no inside until relatively recently…(18 February 2002)

And now…(8 March 2002)

Oh, and they poured the water tank last week!

Mow Mow Mow your boat…

I spent Saturday slashing the grass, 6 hours in total, Robert and Sue (My sister and brother in law, not in that order) came out to lend a hand and Robert had a go on the tractor, if we didn’t stop him I suspect he would have kept going all day (fine with me!). Kristie also spent about the same time with the push mower mowing around the trees to tidy them up a bit…

Luckily, we only have to cut the grass every 12 weeks or so!