Mo-Damn! (and rendering)

Well, as you may be able to tell, I’m back on the modem, this site should (in theory) only be about half the speed it was (since DSL upstream was only 128k anyway), BUT in practice, it’s more likely to be MUCH slower, just be patient, it will get there eventually. (also, if the site appears down, it because the Dyndns hasn’t redelgated yet, this will happen more since I’ll be reconnecting and getting a new IP more often…just try again in a few hours).

The house is moving along at an insane mentioned, the cabling is all done and the electricals are all in place.

New today was the rendering (see below), the wall insulation is in, and the plasterboard has been delivered. Tomorrow, hopefully the central heating unit should be there and the rendering will be almost done, amazing!

Rendering about 1/4 done.

..and inside the walls are filled with yellow sponge cake….

A little more detail, the rendering is well under way!

End of an Era!

Well, the word is in, and Royalla will NOT have ADSL or ISDN available. So it’s back to 56k for me (anyone selling, or giving away their old 56k? or have recommendations on what’s a non-crap one?).

I’ve decided to take up Telstra on their offer of early disconnection without penalty, so I’ll be back on 56k within the week, this means 1) this site will be A LOT slower and 2) It wont be so permanent any more, you’ll only be able to view it when I’m dialed up. 3) I’ll have to install a 3rd party dynamic DNS updater, which will probably turn out to be a trojan which will format my hard drive, steal all my important files and run over my dog 🙁


In good news, we finished data cabling the house today, big thanks to Ian and Dom (and Kristie for lunch!), and a little tiny thanks to Jeremy who turned up late, but helped in his own special way 😉

I’ll update the news with pictures and stuff from the cabling tomorrow or Monday.

It’s enough to make your hair stand on end!

The sparky has been, sparking up the place, wires all over, wall plates everywhere, looks like a Hellraiser movie in there at the moment..

Wires, wires and more wires, more to come on Saturday when we begin our data cabling epic adventure! (only it will be blue, instead of so white)..

Nothing else to report, I spent $500 on data cable, wall plates, data sockets, a krone tool, a RJ45 crimper, RJ45 plugs, speaker cables, this stuff is EXPENSIVE, woulda been cheaper just to run a single cable on the floor between the two studies…lawsuits from people tripping over it and breaking their neck probably would have been cheaper too!

Almost Lockup….

Just quick update, the roof is complete and the plumber has been inside and done all the water and gas pipes, this is where the outside shots don’t show a whole lot of progress, so don’t expect too many more external shots after this one………

I’m working on some spots inside to take some panoramas, here’s a sample..

This one was taken from the dining area looking back at the kitchen…

And the water and gas pipes, I could stare at pictures of copper piping for hours, couldn’t you?!

Artists Impression….

It will be a while until the house is rendered on the outside, for the people who just can’t wait to see how it will look, Ian has created a mock up of the exterior appearance, with render and paint, here it is…..

I pointed out that the colour was slightly off, “not green enough” I said, so he went back to photoshop and made some very subtle changes….here is the result (click)

Fiddlers on the roof…..

Today, the roofers arrived and worked way past 1pm (when most tradesmen seem to knock off, JUST KIDDING, they’re all doing a great job)..they actually finished up most of the laying of the colourbond roofing, tomorrow, they’ll finish up the fiddly bits at joins and edges and stuff….

Not much else happened today, except we found a large hole in the petrol tank of the ute, it was a slow drip this morning, I cleaned the area and it turned into a torrent (the dirt and muck was pluggin the hole!) that’s at the service station now, for major fuel tank replacement tomorrow..The evil forces trying to screw us can’t stop us with rain and mud, so they’re trying to ground us by killing the cars! I’m just waiting for something to explode, at least it will make a cool photo.

It’s look more like a house, than a mangled mess of wood and dirt…..

Cabling Plan….

We spent 2 hours with the builders foreman (Michael) today walking through the house as it stands to nominate where all the power points, light switches, taps, shower heads, data lines, phone lines etc etc would go…

This weekend is D-Day, yes, Data Day, the troops are assembling at about 10am on Saturday, I’ll be buying the cabling and wall panels during the week..Hell, here’s my manafesto! (or something)
Stuff I have to buy:

  • 200m Cat5 Cable
  • 15 Wall Panels and Inserts
  • 20 RJ45 plugs
  • Crimping Tool (or Krone Tool??)
  • 2x 8 Port Hub
  • 2x Hub Box (to keep them undusty!)
  • Cable Ties
  • Cable Labels of some kind
  • Cable Tester

The masterplan is to have 2 hubs in the roof with an uplink between them, one at each end of the house. The powerpoints are planned for there. On Saturday we’ll be making up one end of the cable with an RJ45 (ready to plug into the hubs), label them, tie them up all neat and tidy and have the other end hanging off the wall panel nailed to a stud.
Comments and suggestions or volunteers welcome, we’re providing lunch and stuff on Saturday for anyone who wants to come and watch, or help, or just hang out….starting 10am.

That’s all for this current mission, the next one will be to screw the wall panels on, connect up the cable to the wall panel plugs and plug in the hubs (in about a month)

Phew, it’s going to be a long week and weekend, lots happening!

Panorama from a different angle…..


Just a couple of progress’s the weekend, nothing much happening out there..the outside panoramas wont show any changes, we’ll be in lockup stage soon and everything will be happening inside. I’ll have to perfect my 360 degree panorama skillz.

Caesar says YES!

The kitchen epic continues, Kristie went and had a look at Caesar Stone, a man-made quartz composite that looks like granite (or better), but is much tougher, easier to work with, and about the same price (surprisingly) click here (or the link of the day) for the skinny.

Bricks continue, etc etc…nothing much to report…they’re probably half a day from finishing the brickwork, then the roof will go on, lockup within a week..everyone who’s volunteered to come help with the calbing should be ready within 2 weeks (I think it’s only Ian at this stage 😉

Bag this mofo!

Short news break..more later….when we originally budgeted, David told us that rendering the entire house was going to cost $10000 more than bagging, so after we picked outselves up off the floor, we decided to stick with bagging.

Apparently that figure was way high and it’s significanly less, although it means we’ll be living on the poverty line for a few years to pay it off, we decided to pay the extra and go for fully rendered (which was our original plan anyway).

Bagging – a thin coat of concrete on the bricks, which is then painted, you can see the bricks through the bag
Render – Thicker coat, can’t see bricks, can be smooth or textured, also painted, looks much cooler.

A few pictures of the progress to keep you amused….