The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on fire….not….

Part of the roof and some of the windows are in place, it’s really taking shape now. News from the builder is that the roof truss place got some of them a bit wrong, so they’re re-making them as I type…should I start a page of stuff that’s gone wrong? 🙂

Some of the windows are in….(Kitchen Serving Window)

And the biocycle (septic system that turns poo into water!) tank has been delivered!

Frames, Windows, Doors, oh my….

As scheduled, the frames, windows and doors (external ones) have been delivered, here are some pictures of them lying around in the rain!

The windows, we tried to play the “which windows goes where” game, but failed and proved once and for all why we’re not building the house ourselves.

The frames on the ground, we also failed horribly trying to work out which ones belonged where in the house, except for the obvious ones (the rake in the living area kinda gives those ones away).

The walls are due to go up next week, and the windows will go in/on at the same time, I’ll do a major picture update when that’s all in place.

In other news, the Hottest 100 party was a subdued affair this year, since it was our last in the Gordon house, we decided to keep it small, next year however, will be a different story, watch the mail for your invite!


Not a whole lot, they’ve laid a power cable from the front of the block to the house, not connected to anything yet, just a big black cable thingy. I’ll put a picture of the big black cable up if demand is there! 🙂

Check the comments Box….

Ditch, and other random stuff.

Not a lot to report really, the window in our kitchen has shrunk a little (60cm) due to a clerical error in the department of silly street names (actually, the architect drew the right window on the working drawing, but provided a list of window sizes with a wrong window listed…so the builder ordered the wrong size) but we decided it was just fine the ‘wrong’ size, so it’s stays.

More digging, more dust, half the block is a mess of ditches and trenches, the rest is half dead grass and gravel, oh the joy of living in the country!

See a preview of the next update (all these and more in the /browse area)

Dog in Hammock, an abstract art piece.

Ditch with Pipe, 2 pipes, one for sewer and one for water, I hope they hook up the right one into the right spot.

Thought this looked cool, ’nuff said


A horrible mess next to the shed, again, for water pipes and stuff.

Another horrible mess, there’s also a trench in this picture.

Form and Function

We’ve had 2 meetings with the interior designer, she’s given us some wacky ideas and we’re too weak to fight her, we’re going to be using some pretty bold colours, sort of a mexican theme – we like it so far. She took all the samples away or I would have posted them up for all (3) of you to see!

Here is the general idea and colour scheme, as best as I can represent in browser safe colours 🙂


. . . . . . . . . .

We also went to see the Kitchen company today, looks like we may be able to squeeze granite benchtops into the budget, which would be nice, because they’re shiny! The kitchen guy is coming back to us with a design and price next week some time (we hope).

No more movement at the station, the slab is happily curing while we poison weeds and stuff, the fun never stops!

Click here to see a little Hore history (written, spoken and authorised by Dad)

“I wouldn’t say the bit your dad has added is a bit of light reading” – Kristie

…and the following ICQ conversation…

Kris(17:26 PM) :
you can't do that
Scratch(17:26 PM) :
haah yes i can!
Kris(17:26 PM) :
I'm glad I was conservative


Turn this way, not that way!

As mentioned previously, the slab has been laid, poured, whatever they do to get a slab in place. We had a walk over it yesterday and it still looks small (it isn’t, just seems that way)…

One thing we did notice was the shower recess in the ensuite seems very small, so we did some measurements and it’s wider, but shorter than our existing shower, I guess in all the fuss over the rest of the house we neglected to double check the small big deal, it’s only shorter by about 10 cm, we’ll just have to stand on an odd angle to shower!

The main bedroom is also shorter than we’d like, but it will still fit a bed (thank gord!) so all is not lost, we may just have to open the sliding door to get around it (or do a commando roll under the bed).

New Features

As you can see I’ve moved the site to a new host, no more Geocities!!

This also means that I can actually do something more than static boring HTML pages, this news stuff is all kept in a database and dynamic, you can even leave comments for each item, so don’t be afraid to do so and let me know what you’re thinking…even if it’s “Chris, you’re a dickhead”.


No, not the beer kind, the slab for the main part of the house has gone on, or in, or something, it’s there anyway.

We’re having a nightmare with the bank, but there’s no point explaining, just enough to say, they’re a bank, and we’re peasants. Donations of cash are being accepted, they’re not tax deductable but it means we’ll be able to eat for the next few weeks!

In other news, Jeremy finally finished his arcade machine, complete with MAME emulator and stuff. I visited last night with a few other old people to relive our youth by playing some ancient arcade games like 1942, Rainbow Island, Time Pilot, Xevious etc etc.. See pictures in the browse section. There’s also some un edited shots of the slab in there, the proper ones will be in the next major update.