The Tunnel

In 2007 the New South Wales government suddenly scrapped a plan to utilise the water in the disused underground train tunnels beneath Sydney’s St James Train Station.

In 2008, chasing rumours of a government coverup and urban legends surrounding the sudden backflip, investigative journalist Natasha Warner led a crew of four into the underground labyrinth.

They went down into the tunnels looking for a story – until the story found them.

This is the film of their harrowing ordeal. With unprecedented access to the recently declassified tapes they shot in the claustrophobic subway tunnels, as well as a series of candid interviews with the survivors, we come face to face with the terrifying truth.

This never before seen footage takes us deep inside the tunnels bringing the darkness to life and capturing the raw fear that threatens to tear the crew apart, leaving each one of them fighting for their lives.

Sounds like another Blair Witch rip off, right? Wrong. Well, sort of.

The similarities with Blair Witch (or any “cam” movie from the last 10 years) end with framework of a “real” account of the experiences of real people in a horrible situation. The filmography in The Tunnel is more on par with Troll Hunter than Blair Witch although filthy, dark tunnels underneath Sydney bare no resemblance to Norwegian mountains and forests (and Trolls!) the camera work is similar in that it manages to not look like it was filmed by a 12 year old with a web cam. The plot reason for this is that most of the footage is taken by a professional news cameraman (and sound man) on a commercial camera so you don’t need to suspend your disbelief too much, don’t worry though, there is a hand held with night vision along for the ride too, for extra spooky glowing eyes effect.

So, yes it’s a “cam” movie but quality-wise a step above the usual, the frames below don’t really do it justice.

There’s more to this story than the movie itself. It’s no big surprise is that the whole thing was filmed on a shoe string budget, no-name actors, a couple of cameras and a ready made location aren’t going to cost a lot.

However, the interesting thing about The Tunnel is how it has been funded and distributed. It’s not a Radiohead-like pay-what-you-want scheme, nor is it a donation/kickstarter scheme. In what the producers are calling the 135k project they are funding the production of the movie by selling individual frames (in electronic form, not hard copy) at $1 each. You can buy one single frame, one second worth (25 frames) or whatever quantity you wish. A special bonus is that one lucky random frame purchaser will share in the total profits from the proceeds of DVD sales to the tune of 1%, that could amount to anything from 14c to a million dollars, who knows.

In addition to funding the movie this way they are also giving it away for free via BitTorrent. As I type there are about 8000 leachers and 1500 seeds but yesterday it was more like 20000 and 5000. I can’t find any info on how many actual downloads have been completely but I would think “quite a lot” is a good estimate.

There is a hard copy DVD of the movie available but these days even if I buy a DVD I end up ripping it and watching the ripped version via the HTPC and rarely watch the extras/special features. So I thought that rather than buy the “hard copy” DVD I would show my support for the movie and their innovative approach by buying some frames, shown below (no spoilers in there, unfortunately), if you look closely you will see that I own these frames, cool!


One thing I forgot to mention is that I utterly loved the movie, not only was I sucked in by the characters and the story (partially founded in fact) but it scared the living shit out of me. I should know better than to watch this type of movie after midnight in a quiet house with a long dark corridor to traverse between the screen and bed, I had to use my phones torch move to get through the pitch black corridor. That’s the sign of a great horror movie right there.

A few good (but mostly bad) movies

I’ve been trying to catch up on some movie watching lately, unfortunately my good:bad hit ratio is pretty abysmal…

Megapython vs Gateroid

I think we're alone now. There doesn't seem to be anyone around.

Whenever you see the phrase “SyFy Original Movie” alarms bells should be going off, that is if the title alone didn’t put you in the right frame of mind.

The title is a tautology for the plot, a bunch of mutant snakes and gators fight it out for dominance of the everglade and a bunch of stupid humans get in the way. Staring 80’s pop divas Tiffany (I think we’re alone now) and Debbie Gibson (Electric Youth) which in itself should be enough to attract anyone in their late 30’s to see it, assuming the title didn’t suck you in. Within the first five minutes I was ready to stop watching and find something more constructive to do with my time but then the self deference and 80’s references started to pop up and I realised that this was no ordinary low budget monster flick…I didn’t say it was a good low budget monster flick (it’s very bad) but at least it didn’t take itself seriously and wasn’t afraid to trade on the Debbie Gibson/Tiffany angle, for that alone it was worth watching.

Also, this horrible movie does have a couple of redeeming features, each of Tiffany’s boobs (not nude).

Is there any questions you would like to ask? Where's the exit?


I never really understood the term “Star Vehicle” when applied to movies but this pretty much provide the perfect definition.

Basic plot is that The Rock is in jail after his bank robbing crew was taken down by another crew who kill everyone including The Rock’s brother. When he gets out of prison he has already arranged a private eye to hand over the names and addresses of all those involved who he proceeds to kill one by one in progressively more boring ways. In the end he kills everyone except for the person responsible for the whole mess, the director of the movie! (actually, it’s Moon Bloodgood, she’s the one who told Billy Bob about the bank robbery). He just rides off in to the sunset oblivious that he left the main antagonist alive, lame.

I didn’t include spoiler warnings there because after ten minutes you will have worked out the entire plot yourself anyway.

Predictable and cliche ridden this piece of crap was clearly only created to give Dwayne Johnson something to do between gym sessions. How they got Tom Berenger and Bill Bob Thornton to participate is a question for the ages. Avoid.

The Human Centipede

OzOzOz, enough said.

Once seen this cannot be unseen, if you don’t want some seriously disturbing images burned in your psyche forever, do not watch this movie.

Feed Her!

Battle Los Angeles

The pick of the bunch. Calling this Independence Day on the ground is pretty accurate, imagine this movie as the depiction of what happens during Independence Day to a group of soliders stuck fighting the ground based aliens while Will Smith is busy shooting off sidewinders in the sky. However, the major criticism of Battle:LA is that it lacks the parody nature of ID and tried to be a little too much Black Hawk Down and not enough ID. I disagree, I liked it.

They're coming outta the walls. They're coming outta the goddamn walls. Let's book!

Gulliver’s Travels

Always bet on (Jack) Black (sorry Wesley Snipes). I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Jack Black but I won’t hate him and this was a fun movie which took some serious liberties with the original story, to great effect. Worth a watch.

Paranormal Activity 2

The original Paranormal Activity had me checking the dark corners of my house and while this sequel didn’t hold the same sway it was still worth watching. Guest appearances by the original cast while intertwining the stories was very well done. If you like the first movie you will most likely enjoy this one too.

From the IMDB Parents Guide, I’m not sure why I’m putting this here but I found it amusing that such a thing exists:

  • Two women are seen wearing bikinis in a pool. It’s very innocent and not sexual.
  • A woman says she would let a man “smash” her.
  • A woman is seen in a bath, but bubbles cover any nudity.
  • Two young teenagers have a go on a Ouiji Board and the male fakes it and spells “Pussy” and then says that the Demon wants pussy
  • Brief mild discussion about underage sex as a joke

It’s interesting to note that two simultaneous sequels were authorised to production, this one and another one Parnormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night, which I am yet to see.

Things I have learned from Red and Green Mars

I know I’m 20 years too late on the bandwagon but even thought I have owned the trilogy since they were first published I only ever read the first (Red Mars) and about a quarter of the second (Blue Mars). Thanks to my Audible subscription I am now able to catch up and have made my way through Red and Green (at nearly 40 hours each!) over the last 2-3 months (an hour and a half in the car each day helps).

Red Mars was a breeze to listen to again, just the right balance action and science and human drama even though it often bordered on soap opera, but after about 2 hours of Green Mars I remembered why I stopped reading it in the first place. It’s been a real struggle to get through it and with just an hour and a half of listening to go I’m glad it’s nearly over and I’m hoping the story picks up in the final book. I have no clue if that will be the case, I have somehow avoided reading anything about Blue Mars since it was released so it will be a surprise no matter how bad/good it is.

Anyway, being two thirds of the way through the trilogy a few things really stick out about the books, things which Kim Stanley Robinson really got wrong or just seemed dumb, here are a few highlights:

  • In 100 years, old people (150+ years of age) will have A LOT of sex, even with the longevity treatment that’s just gross.
  • You will be able to recieve a paper fax through your mobile phone before the century is out, a paper fax!
  • As early as 2050 all recording of video material will be on magnetic tape.

I know it’s not unusual to get technology wrong in sci-fi books but this series is only 20 years old (Red Mars was first published in 1992) and even back then the compact disc was making well entrenched, as were mobile phones so these two faults stuck out to me as terrible extrapolations, I’m sure there are hundred more.

Bucky balls are still awesome.

Sync or Swim

This post is about how I have manage to avoid paying full price for most of the iPhone apps I have installed.

Sure, there are some which I have paid full price for and they have been worth every cent (Camera+ -currently unavailable- springs immediately to mind, as does eWallet and SprintGPS) but some apps are good value at $1.19, and even better value at $0 (most aren’t even worth $0 but that’s the topic of another post entirely).

The thing is that quite often iPhone app developers will drop their price for a special promotion, or set the price to FREE for a random 24 hours period to create some buzz, sometimes because they have another app coming out soon and want to raise awareness and sometimes just because they’re batshit insane and like living on two minute noodles and expired beer.

Anyway, it’s not rocket surgery but what I do avoid paying developers for their hard work isn’t completely obvious either, so here’s the deal:

The easy way

As the name would suggest FADD offer one paid app for free every day, most of the apps are only free for one day but some persist for several days and the FAAD app keeps track of them for you.

See, I told you it wasn’t rock science. I used to use an app called AppSniper but it became increasingly unstable and unreliable so I removed it and now prefer to use the method below.

The slightly less easy way

  • Sign up for a Google Reader account
  • Use google reader to subscribe to the rss feed at
  • Check the feed on your iphone using the google app or via your browser on the dekstop, as per the image to the right it clearly shows apps which have dropped in price and even notifies you of new ones as they are released.

The other great feature of Appshopper is that when you view the app page in their site it shows you a price history of the app so you can see when the sneaky developer increased the price from FREE to $5.99 then to FREE again within the space of two days. These are the ones you usually know to avoid because they’re permanently free for a reason (not all free apps are shit, but it’s a generalisation I stand by).

You’ll be drowning in free apps before you have time to say “Chris, you’re a certified genius!”

One Caveat: I have noticed a disturbing trend of once paid apps going free but integrating either micro-transactions or iAds in to their normal flow.Tower Madness is one example. This once $2.99 tower defence app has gone free but now seems to offer upgrades to weapons or new maps, for a price. While I understand the developers need to feed their families I much prefer they do so by offering a product which people will actually want to pay for without using dirty tricks.

So there you have it, enjoy your free apps and remember if you like an app you happen to get for free make sure you support the developer in the future, the good ones deserve your money and encouragement  and who knows, maybe one day the signal to noise ratio in the app store will favour the apps worth paying for rather than 698 fart apps.

yes, 698 fart apps

Playing 1080p MKV’s on Windows 7

I recently joined ultrageekdom and built a HTPC to replace my aging XBOX and negate the need to run TVersity and even manually convert non-XBOX360 content (i.e. you know, Debian ISO’s….) to be playable via the 360 (i.e. WMV).

Since I built the HTPC it’s been fine (apart from a few niggles, I still need to configure the harmony remote properly) but I haven’t been able to play back any 1080p content smoothly. I’ve been blaming a combination of the hardware (the hippie green low power CPU 5050e) and motherboard (Asus M3N78-EM) and Windows 7 for not being optimised yet, which is partially true. The other issues is that I’m using XBMC to play back which is an amazing media center but notoriously doesn’t use external codecs for playback, which is great if everything works out of the box but shitty if it doesn’t.

Anyway, I found the solution to my problem via the Media Center community forums  with this:

and the 64 bit components if you’re running Windows 7 64bit:

Go through the config screens on both and fiddle the settings as appropriate, and viola! smooth as silk play back in Windows Media Player (haven’t tested VLC yet but I assume it should work the same). Apparently CoreAVC would also have solved the problem but it’s not free, and free is good.

However this doesn’t solve the problem of XBMC not playing smoothly because as mention it doesn’t use external codecs, so…now I just need to do the following:

to set up WMP as an external player within XBMC and it’s done, not that it was really a big issue since even on a 100” screen sitting 4m away I can’t tell the visible difference between 720p and 1080p, but it was the principle of the thing.


XBMC Mutiplex View

iPhone Apps store is the devil

Kristie recently got an iPhone and we have been wrestling for control over it for the last week. After taking recommendations from friends who already have iPhones and downloading most of those, I’ve also spent some (too much) time browsing the apps store and grabbing anything which looks cool. There’s some really amazing stuff available and while the iPhone has some limitations (no MMS, no copy & paste, no multitasking, WTF Apple?!) they are more than made up for by the support of the apps developers who keep producing an unprecedented number of apps for the iPhone platform. It’s true that 95% of the 22205 applications (current count as of 24 Feb 2009 according to are complete garbage, even if that rate is 99% that still leaves 100ish gems in the rough, if you can find them.

So, I present here a list of my favourite app store games (I’ll make a new post some time for other non-game apps) from my first week or so of using (ok, borrowing) an iPhone:

Paid Apps

My impulse buy threshold is $1.19 (the lowest cost of paid apps, which is our equivalent of the US apps store $.99 and strangely much cheaper than US$.99) but I have on occasion stretched it to $2.49 for the right app/game (noted below).

I originally had the second page of icons on the iPhone reserved for the games we’ve spent money on (so I know not to delete them without thinking), I’ve had to add a second page for paid apps and I’m getting towards needing a third (but shuffling the pages around is a pain), it’s just too easy to click BUY when it’s only $1 (slightly easier when pre-paid iTunes cards are on sale for 25% off – and even easier when the apps are free).

The amazing thing is, I don’t think I’ve paid for a dud yet, the quality of the games which are coming out at this price is just amazing (prices in the app store change frequently, most of the below are $.99 at the time of writing):

  • Flick Fishing – Exactly what you think it is, a well implemented fishing game making full use of the accelerometer and touchscreen.
  • Pocket God – torment your followers on a small island with natural disasters, coconuts and gravity, mindless fun, updates which add new features are frequent and free.
  • Alphabetic – sounds lame, but isn’t. You are presented with a jumble of animated letters on the screen and you need to tap each letter in alphabetical sequence, harder than it seems and with additional game modes (try the Z-A mode!) to add longevity.
  • SlotZ – (just went back up to $2.49 but still worth it, use appsniper to get it when it drops to $1 again) a slot car racing game with downloadable player made tracks, simple controls, nice graphics and challenging AI.
  • Heavy Mach – side scrolling shooter, think Metal Slug where you’re never on foot.
  • iDracula – twin stick shooter with amazing graphics and shallow gameplay, it was hoped to be the first decent Diablo clone for the iPhone but didn’t quite deliver, still, worth a dollar!
  • Enigmo – build an incredible machine to transfer drops of water from one container to another, very challenging, very pretty.
  • Bebot Robot Synth ($2.49) – polyphonic musical synthesizer with a cute robot, what more could you want for 2 bucks?
  • Scoops ($2.49) – Simple yet addictive pick-up-and play with about the best implementation of the accelerometer I’ve seen so far. The aim is to add ice cream scoops to your cone to progress higher in to the sky, great kids game.
  • Lux DLX ($4.99) – There is a free version of this but this game is so good I figured it was worth paying the (relatively) high price for, it’s a RISK clone but a very well done RISK clone.

Free Apps

The list below are “lite” free versions with corresponding paid upgrades (with more levels or features or whatever), the lite versions of these are great but the paid versions cost too much at the moment (this is where Appsniper comes in – see below):

  • Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures – Essentially a “find the hidden item” game, without any twists but it’s very pretty and Kristie like it, but $4.99 is too much for the full game (thanks to the 1Up podcast for the recommendation on this one)
  • Textropolis – This is a goon made game (as is Scoops, noted above, from the Somethingawful forums) where the aim is to create words from letters which makes up a set of nine letter city names, with some additional game player features like how your city population grows as you progress (as does the picture of the city in the background) and you can “spend” population for hints. I love the graphical style and how there is no time limit.
  • Puzzle Quest – the classic originally from the Nintendo DS ported to just about every platform on the planet and now iPhone, from what I can tell there’s only a free version available via the apps store and I’m not sure if it’s crippled until the full version is released.

Even the truly free (non-lite) ones are great:

  • Space Deadbeef – stupid name, great game. R-Type clone but with very good touch screen implementation of weapons and movement.
  • Dactyl – defuse the bombs before they go off, seems to induce a trance-like state, my highest score is 370, somehow! (there is paid version called Dactyl 2 which I’ve added to my appsniper for when it drops to $1)
  • Trace – use the touchpad to guide your little guy around obsticles by drawing your own steps, ramps and barriers, hand drawn graphics add to the charm.

This list is entirely made up of games, but it’s interesting to note that my most used application isn’t actually a game, well, I treat it like a game of sorts, what is it? Appsniper. Appsniper allows you to set up a watch list of applications/games and a price threshold, when that threshold is met by a price drop Appsniper highlights it on the Appsniper icon so you can snap up the bargain. Appsniper also has a very well put together top listing for all the genres in a much nicer interface than the app store.

I think part of the reason I have been able to wade through the 21000 crap apps is due to the user reviews on the app store, sometimes they’re clearly bogus but my bogus radar is getting pretty good and they are usually a pretty good guide to tell if an apps lives up to the description.

My only bad purchase so far has been Fast Contacts (not a game)– It’s harder than you’d think to find a contact management app which doesn’t suck, or isn’t just a complete rip off the of built-in contacts app, this one is a complete rip off but with the added feature of a birthday reminder function and some nifty filtering options. NOT WORTH the $4.99 I paid since there are plenty of free birthday reminder apps and a good example of how the description for the app and the reviews are a complete deception. It does do a good job with the birthday reminders but it’s not worth 5 bux just for that.

ScoopsFlick FishingDactylEnigmoAlphabetic
TraceBebotYard SaleLux DLXiDraculaHeavy MachSlotZPocket God

Discuss this on the AOB forums

Popcorn Hours vs XBMC follow up

After having a chance to play with the popcorn hour a little more I have some more observations:

1) MKV playback is patchy at best. I originally blamed the skipping, jittering and audio drops outs on the heat of the day but in cooler temperature most of the MKV’s I’m trying still jitter to a certain degree. It plays back all the sources I have transcoded to WMV flawlessly, it just hates the equivalent MKV. Still looking for a solution or cause for this one. I’m looking in to the fan mods people have done which apparently solve this problem but one of the selling points of the PCH is the fanless, quiet design.

2) The upscaling code/hardware sucks compared to XMBC. This could maybe be a result of XMBC auto softening the image since it was going to the TV via S-Video and the PCH is using HDMI so the flaws in the lower res source are more evident but the XMBC just seems to produce a nicer picture, figure that one out.

3) Playing music videos though myiHome (so I can shuffle) every clip is missing the first second or two of audio, this is kind of annoying.

Of course, all these issues dissolve away when I’m sitting in front of the TV watching a HD movie (when it’s not skipping), but I haven’t unplugged my old xbox quite yet (and I’m still considering selling the PCH and replacing it with a 360 since it seems like I have to continue transcoding all the MKV’s anyway!).

Popcorn hour vs XBMC, battle of the century?




I know there are a lot of people who are currently running XBMC on an original XBOX and as a recent convert from XBOX+XBMC to Popcorn Hour (PCH) my experience is a bit mixed, here’s a short list of stuff I’ve noticed during the transition which you may find interesting:

Things XBMC does better than PCH (these obviously only apply to SD content where relevant), also note that some of these can be solved by installing and customising your own themes and indexes

  1. SMB Navigation and general menu speed is WAY better in XBMC, the PCH seems to read from a share every time it accesses it so if you hit a share with a lot of files it takes a while to show the contents, scrolling up and down long lists of files is also noticeably slower than XBMC. 
  2. Skipping during play back. The PCH does have the number buttons which skip 10%, 20% etc but the up/down/left/right buttons on XMBC to skip 1/10 minutes is much more responsive. 
  3. Music playback + visualisations, PCH only has a simple album art screen, no shuffle function, no traversal of subdirectories and no ability to create playlists. 
  4. Screensaver – I really miss being able to use photos from a network share as the screensaver. 
  5. Shuffle play – does not exist in a standard PCH, there are themes which you can install which enable a shuffle of sorts, I’ve had mixed results with this on the PCH but will persist until it works because this is an important function for me. 
  6. No limit on SMB share connections – You can only configure a total of six SMB/NFS shares on the PCH, this can be overcome somewhat by install the media streaming app on your home PD (myiHome
  7. Audio configuration – I haven’t yet seen an option in the PCH which lets you offset the audio and video for files which are out of sync, although, I am yet to encounter a file with this problem (perhaps it auto corrects?)

Things PCH does better then XBMC

  1. HD content, of course, the XBOX can’t play any HD content. I’ve had a few issues with skipping and the unit hanging up on certain files but I think it’s entirely to do with heat, I was first testing my unit during a heat wave with 40c + temperatures. 
  2. Very quiet, no fans, minimal HDD noise but does run quite hot with a HDD installed (probably about the same heat output as the XBOX) 
  3. You can turn it on and off with the remote. 
  4. PCH has all the file operations you have with XBMC (delete, rename) with the addition of being able to move files and create folders. 
  5. It’s tiny, about 1/3 the size of an XBOX. 
  6. Very good firmware and community support (so does XMBC, I know). 
  7. With a HDD installed you can use it as a torrent client (which has an associated web gui), web server, NAS or even as a media streamer. 
  8. It has a (slightly flaky) web interface for all config options. 
  9. Easy upgrade to a new/bigger HDD, support for external HDD’s, USB sticks, USB keyboard, Wireless adapter (don’t try streaming HD content over wireless). 
  10. Community created content for browsing movies/music using a jukebox type interface are mature and easy to use and look great. Community created themes and custom indexes are also quite good (XBMC has these too, I know).

There are more but these are the major ones.

My ultimate plan was to replace my SD TV set top box (I’ll play back content which is recorded on my PC), XBOX and DVD player (PCH can play DVD ISO/VIDEO_TS) with the PCH and I’m not quite there yet. I can live without the music playback and photo screensaver and the rest of the problems I can live with or solve with some customisation. If it’s any indicator at all, I’ve had the old XBOX unplugged since the PCH arrived and have only has one occasion when I felt the need to turn it on (admittedly this was when I had the PCH in pieces on my desk while transferring files to the HDD).

Overall I can see the PCH doing everything I want it to and while it has (and continues to) taken a long time to configure and set up thinking back to when I first modded the XBOX, setting up XMBC took just as long to get exactly how I wanted it. So overall the PCH is a winner.

One other thing, this speaks more to the service I’ve received from (where I bought the PCH) than anything else, but the power supply on my PCH died the day after I got it and has been intermittently alternating between working and not working since then, it seems like a dud, shit happens, so I contacted Ross at and he was very responsive and has already sent out a new power supply which should hopefully solve the problem, I couldn’t ask for more than that.

…not an ice beam, that’s all “Johnny Snow”

Kristie didn’t like it, and I wasn’t all that wrapped in it on the first viewing but I gave it another chance and now I appreciate if for the genuis it is, Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog is an inspired piece of television.

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack in the car with Alex and he particularly loves the Freeze Ray and Bad Horse songs, so I’m trying to learn the lyrics so we can actually sing-along, that’s the point, right?

Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse.

He rides across the nation, The Thoroughbred of Sin.
He got the application that you – just – sent – in.
It needs evaluation, so let the games begin.

A heinous crime, a show of force,
A murder would be nice of course!

Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse, He’s Bad!

The Evil League of Evil is watching so beware.
The grade that you receive will be your last we swear!

So make the Bad Horse gleeful, or he’ll make you his mare.

You’re saddled up. There’s no recourse. It’s Hi-Ho Silver!

Signed Bad Horse.

Catching up on movie watching …

Some movies I’ve seen over the last couple of months:

I watched this because someone told me it had Mira Sorvino (from The Replacement Killers) in it, imagine my disapointment when it was actually Mena Suvari (from American Pie), I nearly didn’t bother watching beyond the first 15 minutes but persisted and it paid off in the end, with a very unexpected and gory ending.

The Dark Knight
One of the few movies which was able to live up to the hype surrounding it, and that was a big ask since there was a lot of hype. Heath Ledger was most certainly the star of this movie and did an amazing job of being very un-Heath Ledger-like, and I’m not saying this because he’s dead. It didn’t feel like an almost three hour long movie at all, which says a lot.

Iron Man
Another hype liver-upperer, very enjoyable, I hope they make a sequel which doesn’t suck.

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising
Already discussed here.

You don’t mess with The Zohan
My primary thought throughout the first 10 minutes of this movie was “what the fuck” as Zohan fried a fish with his cock out then proceeded to play hackey sack with it and catch it in his arse, but then I remembered it was an Adam Sandler movie and switched my brain off for increased appreciation.

Harold and Kuma Escape From Guantanemo Bay
I really liked the first one, in fact, I reviewed it for Go read that review because unsurprisingly it could apply to this movie as much as it did to the original.

What can I say apart from that I didn’t know that was Charlize Theron as a major character until the credits rolled, wierd.