Godzilla!!! (umm, Tractor?)

We had originally planned to buy a ride on lawn mower, mowing 5 acres by hand (or brushcutters, what kinda wacko would cut 5 acres of land with a brushcutter!) would be insane, so that was our logical path.

Taking the advice of our builder (David Loft) we started looking around for a little tractor instead, tougher for the rough land, more versatile and probably cheaper (it turned out to be a little bit more).

So to cut a long story short, we eventually found an old (VERY old) Ferguson TEA20, it’s petrol, 12 volt and looks like a pile of shit, but it’s tough as nails and will go forever, hell, it looks like it’s already been going forever…..

D-Day (Delivery Day), Kerry from Ranger Gealle in Yass delivered the beast on this little trailer. He stayed with us for about an hour giving us driving lessons and instructions on how to attach and remove the slasher and not ru ourselves over.

Some shots of the first day, we weren’t very brave, first day drive consisted of a few circles of the ‘back paddock’ with the slasher engaged to see how it worked. Average speed was about 2km/h!


The slasher in all it’s glory, it’s brand new as you may notice, we’ve decide that we either have to leave the slasher out in the sun for 50 years to match the look of the tractor, or re-paint the tractor so it looks a bit more spiffy, since we don’t realy have 50 years to wait, looks like the painting is the way to go..I’ve almost begun that now, pictures to follow soon.

I really should have left backing up IN THE SHED until I had a bit more of a clue how to drive the damn thing, backing up to disconnect the slasher produced a bit of a dent in the metal stuts near the floor…I didn’t do it, was him!! *points at his imaginary friend who can’t drive a tractor*

Godzilla 2!!! (umm, Tractor?)

The rest of the shots are just of various details on the machine, just for future reference really because I’m hoping that when we start repainting and cleaning the thing up it will look a whole bunch better. Total cost of the tractor/slasher and carry-all (the red thing on the back) was about $5000, but they hold their value like a BMW, honest!

It a pretty simple 4 cyclinder petrol engine, but it’s going to be a bit tough to convince a lube mobile to come out and maintain it so I’m going to have to learn all that fun stuff. I already cleaned the carbeureter (sp?) with a little help from my Dad and Mr. McGrath.I’ve considered steam cleaning it, but I think the 50 years of dirt and grime on it is part of what’s holding the thing together. That, and that fact that we’re about 20k’s from the nearest Car Lovers 😉

Godzilla 3!!! (umm, Tractor?)

More pictures, split onto another page, in memory of those of us that are a little bandwidth challenged (i.e. on dialup 56k modems, which I will soon be back to.

Note: Here’s a little snipet from a fellow TEA-20 owner, Vaughan Williams.
“In your site you describe the tractor as a Massey Ferguson but Massey Harris didn’t amalgamate with Ferguson until the late 50’s. Your tractor is therefore a Ferguson not a Massey Ferguson.”

All Fixed, I’m slowly learning the TEA’s History from various sources, Vaughan is sure to be a valuable source of more information as I go.

Cool stuff!