Happy/Merry whatever whatever

Two months since the last post and not much to report.

My continuing work on the Terminator 2 pinball restore has come to several screaming halts after I powered it on for the first time since stripping it down and it went completely mental (technical term), after having the main power board looked at and a fair bit of work done to it, it worked for a grand total of about 30 minutes then went completely mental again. I’m beginning to realise that restoring a 20 year old pinball is both an exercise in frustration and a money pit, but it sure if character building! Again, check out the picasa gallery for ongoing pictures of the T2 and other junk: http://picasaweb.google.com/royalla

We had the open part of our shed closed in just before Christmas which gave us a bit more (about 6mx3m) storage/workshop room, I build a 3mx2m mezzanine ¬†floor which was supposed to be used for storage but I made the mistake of lifting Alex up to it and he has now claimed it as his “junk shop”, to which I has since added some carpet and will soon be building a set of steps or ladder..I really wish I’d build it better now! (kidding, it’s typically over-engineered and takes my weight easily).

Apart from that, we had about a week away in Forster for Christmas, 2000% humidity is a killer and I was glad to be back in a climate where you can dry a towel or sit completely still without breaking in to a sweat.