Two cool things, too cool things!

It’s been a while…

Thanks to Cav for finding this and posting the link: AliensRL is a tactical roguelike game, created in 7 days, inspired by the "Aliens" movie and the "Alien Breed: Tower Assault" computer game.

How awesome does that look? Not convinced? Check your pulse, you’re probably dead or something.

Download it here:

Also, I’ve almost completed configuring the HTPC and after moving away from XBMC for various reasons have settled on Media Centre using the MediaBrowser plug-in. Eye candy-wise it’s pretty close to XBMC but it also seems to handle playback smoother than XBMC mainly due to the fact that MCE is able to pass off decoding of video content to the GPU rather than doing it all on the CPU. In English that means playback is smoother and quieter.

I also stumbled upon this, it’s a remote control app for iPhone which lets you emulate a keyboard, touchpad and remote control all in one…why did I buy a DiNovo Mini? (because I don’t have an iPhone yet).