Windows Live Messenger and default browser

The new version of Windows Live Messenger has one great feature which made it worth upgrading to. That feature is the ability to stay logged on with multiple PC’s at the same time and have the messages delivered to all of them, this saves the inevitable problem of people sending you messages to a machine you’re not actually logged in to.

Unfortunately, the new version also had a deal breaker “feature” also, being that when you used the inbox button/popup menu it would load hotmail in your default browser where previously it would load it in IE no matter what your default browser was and because I use Opera as my primary browser and hotmail hates Opera, this annoyed me a lot…until….

Changing Windows Live Messenger 2009’s Hotmail button to use Internet Explorer instead of the default browser

Jonathan Kay wrote a little app which fixes this issue, load it up, press a button and your default browser is ignored in favour of IE for the inbox link only (so following links within messages still go to your default browser), it’s simply genius!

Now if only Microsoft would update the Messenger client on the XBOX 360 so it didn’t kick off ALL my other messenger sessions whenever I turned my XBOX on.