It’s back,, for reals!

So after a couple of years and some half-arsed attempts to get the domain back from some filthy squatters they finally gave up and let it go without so much as a “sorry about that”. Arseholes.¬†OK, so I offered them $1 for it, once, they weren’t keen. I think my exact words at that time where, “fine, I’ll just wait until you realise it’s not even worth $1 and get sick of paying the yearly renewal”, it seems I won, ha!

The other good news is that apart from some widget stuff on the right side (work in progress) and the missing gallery, I have finished moving the site to the new server and everything seems to be working with special thanks to Velvet Blue’s Update URL plug-in which saved me messing with the database or manually relinking 400 images, yay for me!

So, update your bookmarks and rss feeds to, again!