Wind meets Trampoline

So Kristie calls me at about noon yesterday saying that the trampoline has been picked up by the wind and deposited about 40m away from it’s original location (paraphrasing), I imagine a mix between the worst possible twisted metal wreck and something easily fixed by a rubber mallet and a little time. The reality I faced when I got home was somewhere in between.


The weird thing is that there is absolutely no damage to the road base platform it was on, or the garden and driveway between where it lived and where it landed, meaning that the most likely scenario is that a willy willy picked the whole damn thing up and just dumped it in the location you see in the picture. I think we’re damn lucky it’s didn’t land:

1. in the top of the tree
2. on (or IN) the house
3. in Jindabyne

It looks way worse than it actually is, the poles which hold up the safety netting are mostly salvageable with a few being bent beyond repair, the safety netting is unharmed and the blue safety padding is ripped in a couple of places. The good news is that the actual structure and surface of the trampoline are in-tact (despite them looking pretty much ruined above) and we managed to wrestle the thing out of their last night in the dark and it looks to be in good form, phew.

It could have been much worse.

EDIT: I forgot to add that after taking this picture I put my camera down to start pulling the thing apart so we could move it, it wasn’t until this morning (in the shower?!) that I realised I hadn’t picked it up again and it had spent the night out in the cold/wet…I dried it off and left it in the sun this morning, I’m yet to turn it on/test to see if it’s fucked or not.