Brickquest, it’s HeroQuest with LEGO!

Thanks (again) to Geekdad for posting another great geeky thing which looks like a lot of fun. Brickquest is essentially a HeroQuest-like game where a group of players traverse a 3D tabletop dungeon in search of monsters to kill and rob. I wasn’t fully sold on the idea until I saw some of the photos of the boards which the designer has created from his awesome collection of LEGO, for example:



I doubt the average LEGO collection would go nowhere near having enough pieces to come close to something as cool as that, I even think my efforts using the LEGO I kept from when I was a kid may just be able to emulate a floorplan like that but it would look like some kind of clown explosion of mixed blocks and colours. Still, it looks like a great idea and best of all, it’s free! (download the PDF game manual here)

More info here: