Communications with AMWAY


Ugh, we’ve been using one Amway product for many years now, the oddly named SA8, a super concentrate washing detergent which costs a bomb but last for ages (we usually buy two 3kg boxes so I don’t have to re-order for up to a year or more). Unfortunately this system falls down when Amway feel the need to clean up the user accounts on their web site every 12 months and further frustrates when you’re not allowed to make a new user account without knowing an existing Amway distributor!

So, upon trying to place an order this time I find that my user account is no longer valid and I send Amway support an email.

I have tried to log in using my ID number which I have recorded as XXXXXXX but the logon form tells me that userID does not exist. It’s been a while since I ordered anything, could it have expired or something?

The next day:

I am sorry to advise that on checking our details I am unable to locate any details regarding your membership.  It could have been deleted due to non-renewal as you are required to renew your membership each year.

If you wish to rejoin the Business, you will need to do so from the start and purchase another product pack and be registered into the Business by an existing IBO.

We are happy to put you in touch with a senior Amway IBO who is located close to you.  They will be able to discuss options with you and answer any questions you may have.

Naturally, I’m all WTF, I don’t want to “rejoin the Business” (notice capital B), I just want to buy some shit, so I reply:

I just want to buy some SA8, not sign up to be a member of the pyramid selling system. I think it is ridiculous that I need to know one of your cult members to actually create an account in order to simply buy something and I go through this nightmare every time I need to make a purchase. I suppose this is a by-product of SA8 being so amazing and lasting so long that my account dies between every order, very frustrating!

Can you let me know the number of some random drone which I can use to create an account so I can buy some washing detergent!

No answer yet.