Windows 7 Public Beta today (tomorrow)

Since installing (then uninstalling) Vista several times since it was released (I’m back on XP right now, again) I have become horribly and justifiably cynical about any new Microsoft Operating System, in short, I hate Vista. So, I’ve been avoiding Windows 7 hype with the attitude that I’ll just stick with XP forever, it does everything I need it to do without fuss and without having to wrestle for control over my own PC (which Vista loves to do).

Anyway, with the public beta of Windows 7 just around the corner I did some reading up of the new features and it looks like MS may have learned from their mistakes, but then again, all the stuff I’ve read also smells a little like pre-Vista hype so I’m not holding my breath.

My number one requirement is that it lets me log in as the actual Administrator account without jumping through hoops. I know this is a big security hole but I don’t give a shit on my home network, I just want all my PC’s to talk to each other without having to fuck around with user accounts and permissions. I’ll be installing the beta to see if this is the case, if it’s not, back to XP until Windows 8.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post was to test the new Windows Live Writer Twitter plug in.