Wii games for a 3 year old

I’m just typing out loud here while I do some research. We just bought a combined birthday (and christmas) present for all of us from Mum & Dad which consists of a Wii (including Wii Sports) + Wii Music + De Blob + Wii Play + Guitar Hero World Tour. I’m not exactly sure how Alex will take Guitar Hero, he doesn’t know any Foo Fighters songs (yet) but I’m hoping he’ll get a blast out of Wii Music (reviews are mixed), Wii Play and De Blob looks kinda kid friendly.

So I’ve been doing some research in to other games which would be suitable for a three year old, here’s a hardly comprehensive list along with associated comments from the source I found the recommendation:

Kororinpa – a marble race game with cool looking environments


I would recommend Kororinpa. I have found it to be a great little game. Your daughter will think she’s rolling a marble round a baking tray!

Highly recommended!

Cosmic Family – Lots of mini games aimed at pre-schoolers.


There’s a game that’s just come out and is designed for young kids.

Endless Ocean – I have a feeling he’ll love this one.


I think Cosmic Family (aimed at under 5’s) and Endless Ocean are probably the best games to start her off on.

Mario Party 8 – just a bunch of kid friendly mini games


And lastly, I would really recommend Mario Party 8, which is great fun for all ages, with mini games for everyone. If you play the full game with her, it involves a virtual board game with cute characters jumping round a board as you roll the dice. Lots of beautiful animation, fun games and cute from start to finish. Perfect!

More general comments:

She also likes some of the minigames on WarioWare:Smooth Moves, the cow race on Wii Play, batting practice and punchbag training on Wii sports and just checking the Wii parade for new miis. She likes the voting channel too, particularly when she guesses right and I get it wrong, in fact she likes most things that I let her beat me on.

I think that’s a good start.

EDIT: It looks like Kororinpa, Cosmic Family and Endless Ocean are not available in our region (yeah, Nintendo still region code their game, ho hum), so the search goes on!