…and because I want to win a Wii

I’ve been subscribed to OzBargain for a while now and have found quite a few bargains in the process, duh. One of the best ones was the $350 Pizza oven we recently purchased, which is not only makes awesome pizzas and roast dinners but is also a great excuse to drink beer and make fire! I should note that one of the worst ones was the disastrous CatchOfTheDay “sale” a few weeks ago which ended up crashing the entire interweb as ten billion people clammered for a $200 Wii, $99 GPS and $25 DVD player.


So anyway, OzBargain is two years old and they’re celebrating with a competition, here’s my entry:


You too, can try to win a Wii but the best you can hope for us second prize (because I’m winning first, right?!)