iTunes remote control via iTouch or iPhone

For years I have been using a small app on my PDA called Vinyl (it’s so long dead I can’t even find a link for it, oh wait, here’s one), essentially it ran a server on my PC which created a library of music from my collection and let me control play back from my old Dell Axim complete with play lists, album art, volume control and a  bunch of other cool features, wirelessly! It’s an awesome application and has worked flawlessly for years, I always wondered why the developer stopped working on it after version 1.0 (maybe he felt it had achieved perfection, I agree)


Bad screenshot, but it’s the only one I could find.

For all the iWankers (I know, I know, I’ll most likely be one some day too), here’s another reason/justification to buy/own an iTouch/iPhone:

Essentially the same functionality as Vinyl on the iWhatever but it also lets you control AppleTV and AirTunes, and best of all it’s FREE (worse of all, you need to run iTunes on your PC but no system is perfect).