Spore, expectations vs reality (my last post on Spore, I promise)

Will Wright has a long history of great games (pretty much all the Sims games, I still own the original Sim City on 5.25″ floppies) but there comes a point where he needs to stop believing his own publicity and stop building up games well beyond what he can actually deliver, Fable was Moleneux’s breaking point, famous for not delivering on pretty much all the cool stuff he claimed would be in the game, Spore is Will Wright’s.

Thanks to Omnicarus from the SA forums for this concise summary of how the hype associated with Spore and the building of expectations over the years has once again not delivered. On with the show (with some paraphrasing from me).

What Will Wright led us to believe Spore would be:

Spore, expectations

What we got:

For the record, despite the minor dispointment of discovering we have been given a game which resembles a shitty sand castle if you ignore all the nerd rage associated with this sort of game launch, I still think it’s a good game and Alex loves watching me make “monsters” and having them fight and eat each other. He’s going to explode when I get to the Space stage. Pew Pew.