Mac1 and the story of amazing service

oops (not my iPod)So, my 6 month old 80Gb iPod Classic started playing up recently, it would often drop connection with my PC during synchronisation and more recently wouldn’t be detected at all without some serious cable jiggling. So I took it in to Mac1 in Civic to have them take a look at it where they verified it was indeed rooted and they sent it off to be further evaluated.

The next day I get a call, my new iPod is ready to be picked up. New iPod? Of course, they don’t bother repairing them, my old one is probably half way to land-fill by now, or at the very least stripped for parts (errr, why for parts then they don’t repair them, I dunno).

And I bet you thought this was going to be one those anti-apple posts where some nerd rages about how Apple is an evil empire and doesn’t care and overcharges for their crappy unreliable music players, nope, not this time.

Thanks Mac1 and thanks Apple, the shiny new (well, I assume, refurbed) iPod works great.