Fable 2 Pub Games

I’ve been playing the Fable 2 pub games which you (can) get for free when you pre-order Fable 2, or you can pay 800 MS points for it. I shelled 800 points out because my simple maths showed me that pre-ordering at $99 gave me a game worth $12.50, but if I didn’t pre-order and just bought the game from JB on released it would most likely be $79, saving me $7.50, I’m smarter than the Microsoft marketing department, yay!

Anyway, The games are kind of fun but unfortunately only one of them requires any sort of skill at all, here’s a quick summary.

Fortunes Tower – The aforementioned game which needs some skill/thought to play. Essentially you’re playing against the dealer in a multi-level towers game (again, not an original concept but a different take on an old classic).
Keystone – A cleverly disguised cross between Craps and Roulette, three dice are rolled and you place your bets based on what you think the numbers on the dice will be, as a tally or individually or a combination of any numbers.
Spinnerbox – it’s a poker machine, one armed bandit and as it turns out a great way to lose all your money (just like real poker machines).

You can get a better run down of each by following the link above, but the main reason for posting about this is that apparently there is a glitch/cheat which lets you create essentially unlimited money:

When playing Fortune’s tower on 150-1500 you can place your bet down at the lowest number of 150, after the gate card is layed down, hit Left Bumpter to raise your bet to 1500. The amount of money you’ll have put down will be 150, but the multiplier of the money you get back will be as if you put down 1500.

Which would explain the leaderboard being filled with punks on over 1 million gold.

The main reason people are playing the Pub Games now is that when Fable 2 is released you get to carry over all your winnings in to the game, making your starting character wealthy beyond belief (or in terrible debt). You can also unlock some exclusive items by playing in Pub Games tournaments (this is the main reason I am playing, there are some cool/unique items).

The thing is, Peter Molyneux has said in muliple interviews that everything you do within Fable 2 will make an impact on your character, including trivial crap like sniffing flowers or killing bards.

This got me thinking, what if this infinite money cheat was a lure by Peter Molyneux to see who will cheat and who will not? A giant social experiment if you will, to mark your character as a “cheater” inside the game for something you did outside the game? What in-game consequences could come of this? For this reason alone I am avoiding the cheat (which explains why my winnings are so pathetic), am I just being paranoid or is Molyneuz actually going to deliver on his promise of a game where everything you do will have real consequences to you in-game? Will we ever know the true extent of his genius, or madness? I guess we will, Fable 2 is scheduled for release in late October.