Here’s something I already knew

MyGameMug is a modified personality test specifically targetted at gaming achetypes, which kind of gamer are you?

Here are the results of my test.

The Class Clown

Reckless Sociable Fun Veteran (RSFV)

Why is everyone taking games so seriously? They should lighten up — it’s your job to entertain and mix it up. Your philosophies: rules are made to be broken and games are your playground. The more the better – you’re a crowd pleaser and enjoy all the attention to your antics!

You’re an old hand at games – you know exactly what games are the best to showcase your talents. You love being creative, so games that let you cut loose and express yourself are winners. Tight games that restrict your movement, are too competitive, and have too many rules make you suffocated and grasping for air.

Your job in most games is clear: show everyone how to have fun and not take life too seriously. After all, it IS just a game right? Most people love you for your antics, some despise it, but screw them – they just don’t know how to have fun. Class Clowns are highly sought after in guilds or clans, but watch out, add too many and your community will be a joke.


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