Hellgate: London is dead, Jim

It must be my month for getting in to dead games.

As I mentioned on my Hellgate is not an MMO post I have been playing Hellgate: London for a while now and it is a good game. As I said previously, the game has been on the skids since the piss-poor launch last year, but a new game-changing patch was on the way which could have brought about a revival.

Unfortunately, news today tells of Flagship studios ((http://hellgateguru.com/2008/07/flagship-studios-is-dead/)) has fired just about everybody and closed their doors. The upshot of this is that the game is as dead as Asheron’s Call 2.

While there has been no official word from Flagship the writing is all over the internet and signs point towards the US and EURO servers being shut down pretty soon.

The good news for Asian (mostly Korean) players is that development of their local version is likely to continue, so if I wanted to continue playing I better signup for some Korean language lessons.

I think I’ll just wait for Diablo 3.