Dreamblade followup

Since my last post about Dreamblade I dug out my old Mage Knight miniatures game and this further reinforced my assessment that the Dreamblade miniatures are great quality.

The Mage Knight miniatures which I have were originally released in 2000 so there is a good six or seven years between the products and I suppose plastic moulding and mass painting technology has come a long way in those years but I was litterally astounded at the difference between the quality of both sets, it’s like night and day.

Just for interests sake, here is an online database of Mage Knight figures including pictures, the images shown make the miniatures look better than they are in real life.

What’s the point of all this navel gazing? I’m not sure but I think it’s ironic that Mage Knight lasted five years (production was ceased in 2005) but looked like garbage, Dreamblade didn’t even last two years but looks comparitively great. I guess it all comes down to timing, marketing and the motivation of the producers to support their game even when it’s not generating a zillion dollars of profit.

I also read recently that WoTC were working on two new expansions for Dreamblade when they pulled the plug. They released the stats for the first, Serated Dawn (thread), the actual stickers are available here, so you can make your own set! The full list of figures and stats are viewable on the Dreamcatcher database (no pictures of the new set unfortunately).

Mage Knight circa 2000

Dreamlade circa 2007